Mamma Mia! Marvelous!!!

Earlier in the week my best friends from out-of-town came to visit.  They’d seen the new Mamma Mia! movie without me!  (How dare they?!?)  But promised me that they’d go see it again.  So…we trekked over to the theater, and I smiled for a solid 2 hours.  Who knew that Pierce Brosnan could sing??  Sing well, actually.  And Meryl Streep…I was amazed! Oh!  And Amanda Seyfried was so adorable I just wanted to pinch her cheeks!

Now…if you’re not musically inclined and if you don’t like a dash of silliness in your movies, you’re probably going to hate it.  But for me and mi amigas it was perfect!  We’ve now decided that we need a theme song!

But if I can’t have a theme song, I’ll settle for the soundtrack.  It’s ABBA…how could you not like it??  My kids have fallen in love with “Dancing Queen“.  I fell in love with a song ABBA recorded years ago, but I’d never heard: “Slipping Through My Fingers“.

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