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I am so sick of headaches I could scream…but that would make it worse, now wouldn’t it???

When I was pregnant with Tucker and Emmie, I threw up some and was really tired…but it was manageable.  It started somewhere around week 9 and was over by week 12.  Easy.  Pregnancy #3 was even easier the 12 weeks that it lasted.  But #3A is kicking my ass!  I feel like crap all the time.  I’m not kidding.  Ask Marshall or my mom or-poor little things-my kids.  If I’m not about to throw up, then I probably have a killer headache.  And if neither of those are happening, I’m probably having inexplicable aches and pains like I’ve never experienced before.  Now I know I’m out of shape.  I’m well aware that a little lot of exercise would do me some good.  But while we were on vacation I’d walk a block or two and be dying!  Mild contraction-type pain.  Ouch!

I’m trying to blame it all on the heat.  See, I don’t have very good temperature regulation as it is.  I can remember being at band camp in high school(yes, I was a band nerd and liked it!).  I’d be out on the field marching and tooting my flute, cheeks red, sweat pouring, feeling yucky.  I’d just be marching along, and all of a sudden it would hit me: a terrible wave of nausea.  There was no rhyme or reason to how hot I had to get or how long I’d been out in the heat.  But eventually I’d puke.  Gross, gross, gross.  The grossest part: I still do that today.  Hot Bridget=vomiting Bridget.  It’s just plain gross.

As a fair-skinned redhead, I do my absolute best to remain indoors every moment of every day in the summer.  I don’t like to be hot.  I don’t like to soak up the sun.  I hate the beach.  But sometimes it’s completely unavoidable.  Like today…the family decided to go on a trolley ride.  The kids had been asking, and I thought it’d be fun to hear a little bit of our town’s history.  Don’t get me wrong; the trolley was cool and I did learn some facts I’d never heard before.  BUT…nobody mentioned the fact that you get off the trolley multiple times!  In all our traipsing in and out I, of course, got hot.  I managed to not throw up like I wanted to (complements to my little friend Zofran), but the headache had begun.  Sometimes I can drink up a bunch of water and be fine(I drank 3 LARGE glasses at lunch).  Sometimes eating helps(I tried to eat, but couldn’t stomach much).  Sometimes relaxing in a warm bath or just taking a nap will help.  But today…nothing.  So I pulled out my hidden weapon: Percocet.  But today even that didn’t work. 

Several people I’ve talked to have asked me if I’ve tried acupuncture.  I’m not really an alternative medicine kind of person, but I’m thinking about giving it a shot.  There was a point in my life when I did not deal well with needles, but took that fear by it’s horns when I signed up for a drug trial that required several series’ of shots and frequent blood draws.  Needles are nothin’ now.  So now I’m thinking…bring it on!  What do you guys think????  It’s safe during pregnancy, and really what do I have to lose, right?  If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.  If it does, I’ll be my happy(-ish) old self again! 

If you have any other solutions you think might work before I go the drastic needles-in-my-face route, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!  I’m willing to try almost anything at this point!!