Daily Archives: 5:26 pm

I'm a drama queen.

I know it. And I’m ok with it.

After my last post, I had a good cry and a nap. That’ll fix most anything.

Plus Marshall called the in-laws and they’re gonna take the kids for the weekend! Woo-hoo!

What will I do without having to worry about poopie pants, sippy cups and bed times?
Enjoy every single minute, that’s what!


i need a moment…or two…or two hundred
just to breathe and hear my own breath
to be still and marvel at the wonder growing inside me
to be quiet and hear nothing but quietness


i need a moment…or two…or two hundred
just to sit and refocus
to pray
to think
to reconnect with myself
to look again at who i am
what i want
what i need


to think about who needs me
and who i need
and to appreciate them
and allow them a chance to appreciate me


no one can appreciate me right now
i’m too grumpy
even if they did
my ears couldnt hear it
my eyes couldnt see it
i dont even know if my heart could feel it


i feel empty
and alone
even while surrounded by all the chaos


i have nothing else to give
i am not who i want to be
who i need to be
who i know i can be


i need a moment…or two…or two hundred
and then i’ll be ok

i hope