Things are looking up.

I knew they would be soon enough.  I just had a freak-out moment(or day or two) and now all is well.

The kids spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa, which everyone enjoyed.  I had time to read and nap and eat dinner without having to use 200 napkins, or getting glares from any child-free patrons.

“School” started today.  And although it’s only 3 hours a day(vs. 4 a day last year), it was still nice to relax and take care of phone calls without having to shout.

We had an offer on our house.  It wasn’t as good as we had hoped, but we made a counter-offer.  And they accepted.  So…assuming all goes well with home inspections and loans and such, that house will be off our hands soon!

I’m going to visit my bestest friends this weekend, next weekend we’re off to buy furniture, then off to see mis amigas in Athens, and then…are you ready for this one?  Then we move into our new house!  YAY! 

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s all coming together!  Now if I could just get rid of these pesky headaches!

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