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Letter to my BIG little man.

Dear Tucker,

I can’t believe it!  I just can’t believe it’s true!  You’ve been dry, clean and diaper-free for 4 days now!  You’ve done SO well telling me when you need to go potty, and even holding it until we can make it to a restroom.

The real test came yesterday when we had to drive 2 hours to see Jesse.  I almost put you in a pull-up, but you said you didn’t need it.  And you were right!  We were about a hour and a half into the drive when you said you needed to go.  There was NO WHERE to stop, so I pulled off and let you pee in the grass.  As we were buckling back up, you told me “Mom, that was SO cool!”   Yes, it was cool…but what was cooler was to see the look of satisfaction on your face!  You did it!  Yay!!

Bravo, little man, bravo!  Now you have your train table, you can go to school, and I’m so very proud of you!

So…don’t get too used to peeing in the grass, and don’t expect to still be getting jelly beans for pooping in the potty when you’re 18.  OH!  And you better get started teaching Emmie what you know about using the potty!  I’m over this potty training thing!  🙂

I love you!
Love, Mommy