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The Democratic Process

I was originally going to over-share with you all about my lovely 24 hour urine collection, my doctor’s appointment today(at which my blood pressure was normal!), and the lack of good television on Sundays. 

But I decided that I should keep the pee stories to myself(you’re welcome).  I shouldn’t bore you with details of what the doc said(ultimately, eventhough the bp was good today, we won’t really know much until the lab work comes back).  And I shouldn’t really complain about Sunday television programming.  If I’d go to church, it wouldn’t be an issue anyway!  🙂

So…what I’ll tell you about instead is an Emmie story.  Today was Red, White & Blue day at school, and the kids got a chance to vote.  Not about something as silly as who will be in charge of the free world(DON”T FORGET TO VOTE TOMORROW….THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ELECTION!!!), but something really important: snacks.  They voted for which snack they wanted, and the winning snack will be making a victory speech on Wednesday.

Anyway, I was late picking her up from “school”, and she was the only one left in her room.  As I walked up to the door I could see a note that read:


So as I came into the room her teacher said, “I don’t think Emmie was very happy with the outcome of the election.” 

“Uh-oh.  What’s wrong, Em?”

“I want ice cream, but we havin’ to eat goldfish.”  (If you know Em, you can surely imagine the hilarious face accompanying this statement.)

So…because of 10 crazy little kids(seriously, who picks goldfish over ice cream???), my 2 year old has already lost confidence in the democratic process.  I guess it was bound to happen sometime though, huh? 🙂

Oh…don’t let the process fail again…VOTE tomorrow if you haven’t already!