I almost forgot to blog today!

Weekday blogging is fairly easy.  The kids and I have a routine of sorts that we follow, and there’s always a bit of “screen time” for all of us in there somewhere.  They usually watch Diego or The Backyardigans while I steal away a bit of time for myself at the computer.

But the weekends are a different story!  We always have something going on around here on the weekends.  Like I mentioned before, my friends from Augsuta came for an overnight stay on Friday night.  We had planned to all go to Christmas in the South on Saturday morning.  But Jesse woke up sick(hope you’re feeling better, Jess!), and so we had to go without her.  Once we got there it was so incredibly crowded that I was going a little nuts.  It didn’t help matters much that the kids were not wanting to cooperate.  I guess they were going a little nuts, too, come to think of it!  🙂  Anyway, after all the craftiness of the morning(or lack thereof), I was dying to craft something on my own.  That’s when I asked for your suggestions.  (Thank you to those who left ideas.  Some of those are now in my “to do” pile.  Next time I go “to town” I’ll have to get supplies.  I’m still having to get used to NOT being close to a Joann’s or Michael’s!)

So last night, I looked online for all kinds of ideas.  I came up with a few fun things, but I was missing at least one thing for each craft.  So I went to take a nice, warm bath…and realized that there was something wrong with the water pressure.  It took FOREVER for the tub to fill!  Well, come to find out…I apparently should have conserved that water.  Our town had a massive water main leak/break, and has left us nearly dry.  We still have some water, but not much.  Since we’d had friends over on Friday and Saturday, I hadn’t done the dishes or laundry like I normally would.  So now we’re stuck with a bunch of dirty clothes and dishes, but no water with which to wash them.  I also heard that if they don’t get things fixed tonight, they’ll be cancelling school.  No water = no school.  So I’ve spent most of my night trying to figure out what to do with the kiddos if school is cancelled tomorrow.  I have a doctor’s appointment, and I really don’t want to take them with me!  Not that I haven’t done it before…but it surely wouldn’t do my blood pressure any favors! 🙂

So…point being…in all the chaos, I almost forgot to blog.  Thanks, Marsh, for keeping me on track.  (He brought the laptop to me in bed…wasn’t that sweet?)

Oh!  I almost forgot(is there a theme here…me forgetting things?) that in all my online craft searches, I found a nifty little new-to-me website that I’m lovin’: TipNut.com.  They have ideas and tips for all kinds of things.  Go have a look around, and if you don’t find something interesting or just plain cool…then you’re a loser.  They have tips about everything from how to make a oh-so-soft bath mat from old towels to a handy little list of substitutes you can use while baking to 12 rules of etiquette for children. I loved the craft section and the DIY projects list.  I’m telling you-they have it all!  So if you want to make a craft, bake a cake, build a headboard for your bed, or learn how to make house cleaners…go check ’em out!

And then come back here tomorrow, and I promise to have a brilliant post(much better than the last few)!  🙂

**Update:  I just saw on the news that the pipe has been fixed, but it will take about 24 hours to get the water pressure back to where is should be.  Schools and business will be open(yay!), but the schools will be giving out sack lunches.**

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