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Pictures, pictures, pictures

I feel like all we’ve done for the past 2 weeks is take pictures!  I can’t imagine why…with a new baby and Christmas all at once!

I ordered Asa’s birth announcements tonight.  I did them myself again this time, and I was fairly please with the results.  I can’t wait to see them once they come back from the printer!!

As much as I have loved photographing Carter and Lydia, it’s not as easy when you have two other toddlers in the house.  So I did defer some of the newborn picture-taking to a local photographer this time: Kyle Hitchcock.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about her from lots of folks, and she didn’t disappoint.  At our appointment today, I think she got some really great shots, especially since Lydia(in typical Lydia fashion) wasn’t the most cooperative. Kyle’s really on top of things; she already has the proofs posted online.  Click here to see them!  I’m really excited about having pictures with all 5 of us in them since I’m usually behind the lens!!

I also hope to get a few shots of Mr. Asa on my own once the “big kids” go back to “school” on Wednesday.

Point being…keep your eye out for a bunch of new pictures soon.  And if you’re sick of pictures of the kid already, too bad!  😛