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Pretty in Pink

I’m not really a girly-girl, although I do love a good romantic comedy.  And “chick lit”.  But I don’t like pink.  Lydia is trying her darndest to break me in.  Everything is pink, pink, pink.  Pink room.  Pink curtains.  Pink bedspread.  Pink bows.  Pink shirts.  Pink dresses.  Pink shoes.  See a theme here?

This morning I braided her hair(not an easy feat, I might add), and she asked me to take some pictures of her.  So…off to the land of pink we went and here’s what we got.  Hope you think she’s as adorable as I do!  🙂

[slideshow id=936748722513614034&w=426&h=320]

Singing Secrets

On this blog, I’ve mentioned in passing how much I love to karaoke.  Marshall does not share my passion.  We don’t ever go out to karaoke, so I bought my own karaoke machine for home.  And I do it…alone.  All the time.  (I feel a little better about acknowledging this because I recently found out that my cousin does this, too.  So does Penelope Cruz…she admitted it on “Ellen”.)

Apparently my love of the microphone is genetic: