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My Carter, dear sweet Cartker, had his first “wee-ball” game tonight.  Let’s just say he might not have a career in athletics.  As a matter of fact, his only chance of ever being on ESPN may be if he’s in the National Spelling Bee Championship.  And since he’s of my gene pool, I’m thinkin’ even the chance of that is pretty slim.

I know, I know…it’s his first game…don’t be so hard on him…blah, blah, blah.  He played fine…he’s only four.  I don’t expect him to be ready for the major leagues!

But it would nice if he

didn’t cover his eyes with his hat




play in the dirt during the game.

And, honestly, it wasn’t all dirt and hats.  He actually played pretty well when he was paying attention.  See?



Lydia, however, is ball-playing girl!  The girl’s just built like a softball player.  She can hit.  She can throw.  She’s only 2.

Today she wanted to practice with me while I was trying to help Carter hit the ball off the tee.  I wasn’t looking for him to slam it into the neighbor’s yard, but it would be nice if he could at least make contact.  She begged and begged, and since we were running low on time, I promised her that I would play with her tomorrow.  Then came this conversation:

Lydia: Ah-we(are…she’s got quite a Southern drawl) we going to Cahtey’s (yes, he hates being called Cahtey) game at the ball field?

Me: Yes.

Lydia:  I wanna play they(there…she also can’t pronounce “r”s).

Me: You can’t play there.  You’re too little.

Lydia: But I’m wheely(really) good!

Why is it that when we get older we lose confidence in ourselves. We don’t feel like we can say “I’m wheely good” at something. Are we afraid of bragging on ourselves? Is it not ok to brag on yourself every now and then???

Heck…we’re all good at something.

I’m really good singer. There. I said it. That’s not self-centered. It’s just true. I am good at it.

What’s something you’re really good at? Leave a comment here to boost your confidence a little!