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Taste of Home

I never met a “Taste of Home” recipe I didn’t like.  Somebody (coughcoughmarshallcoughcough) in this house doesn’t like a lot of stuff(onions, mushrooms, peppers, most vegetables), so I’m sure I’m not getting the full effect of some of the recipes…but I was more than pleasantly surprized by the Makeover Greek Spaghetti.  The best part?  My kids like it!  And it’s FULL of spinach(which I can never get them to eat otherwise).

Another winner with the kiddos(and me)? Apple Snack Wedges.  A little bit sweet, a little bit salty, a lot crunchy and a lot awesome!

Shake your WHAT?

Tonight we were sitting at the table and Carter started singing: Shake, shake, shake your penis.

Marshall:  What did you say?

Carter: Shake your penis.

Marshall:  Um…who told you to shake your penis?

Carter:  Miss Becky (his teacher)

Marshall:  Really???

Me: I’m pretty sure that’s not right.   Carter, where did you hear that song?

Carter: On Mickey Mouse.

I started thinking about it and sure enough…the episode this morning was “Goofy’s Petting Zoo”.

After a little google action, I could only find a clip of the show here.  (Apparently I’m really behind the times…it originally aired back in 2007.)

They use peanuts (not penises, uh…peni…or whatever) to lure the stray elephant back to the petting zoo.

So who thought it was a good idea to sing “shake your peanuts” on a kid’s show?  Somebody obviously wasn’t thinking…or maybe they were.  It is a little funny.  (No hate mail, please!)

I’m just glad Miss Becky’s in the clear…I really like her!

Wordless Wednesday: Big Brother Edition


Papa, Oh Papa

My Papa is many things.  He’s a preacher.  He’s a Korean War Veteran.  He’s a notary public(just in case you need one).  He’s worked at a juvenile jail.  He’s worked for Coca-cola.  He’s worked as a “bug man”, spraying government buildings for pest control.

AND…He’s the owner of several of those little storage sheds like these:


 He’s also the owner of lots of junk to go in those little storage sheds.

My Papa loves to buy all kinds of stuff…sometimes junk, sometimes not.  And he will often show up at our house(or my mom’s house) with an unexpected gift. 

Yesterday, I arrived home to see an empty box with about 500 parts and pieces on the ground beside it.  I had just left a funeral.  I was tired.  So were the kids.  I was hot.  And I was grumpy.  And I was in no mood to put together something with a million pieces(eventhough I usually love to do crap like that).

But once the kids found out what it was, it was hard not to share in their excitement. 

This is what my Papa had bought for the kiddos:


And smiles like these are what made the 2 hours of assembly worth it:


Tweet, Tweet

I set up a Twitter account months ago.

And then promptly forgot about it.

I had friends who “twittered”. I read blogs of “twitterers”. And I just kind of didn’t get the point.

And then I became completely addicted to facebook.

And then I found out you can update your facebook status via Twitter!

Oh, yeah.  Bring it on.

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Laughter Shared

Yesterday I went to Augusta for 2 very important things.  The main thing:  my best friend’s birthday is Sunday,  (Happy Birthday, Jess!) and I wanted to be able to spend a little time with her.  But I went a few days early because the of the big consignment sale.  And let me tell you…it was WELL worth it.  You wouldn’t believe all the stuff I got for all three kids.  I was even lucky enough to find a trio of “matching” outfits that you will see the kids wearing in the fall.  Sooooo cute(read: cheesy) and awesome!

But since I was gone, and since I bought all these “new” clothes for the kids, I have tons of hugs and laundry to attend to.  Instead of a real post, I want to share a funny post from my friend over at Peapod Squad Stuff.  Click here.

Wordless Wednesday: Snow Edition





Wordless Wednesday: Doing My Own Makeup(with paint) Edition


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

For all my non-Southern readers:  Don’t laugh at us.  We get snow once a year(if that).  This is a big deal to us.

When we came out of church on Sunday, it was half raining-half snowing.  By the time we got home, it was pretty much all snow!  (It’s what the weather folks had predicted, but I don’t think any of us believed them.)

My parents came over…so we got to leave Asa in the house with my dad while the rest of us played.  (Thanks, Daddy!)

It was fun while it lasted, but it made me super-glad that I don’t live somewhere with snow all the time!

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First Smiles


Dear Asa,

You’ve been smiling a lot the last few weeks.  My favorite is when I look down at you to discover that you’re already grinning at me.  There’s nothing in the world like the feeling of your child being completely enamored with you.  (I’m sure that sounds narcissistic, but it’s true!)

I love the way you start to smile with one side of your mouth (like Elvis) before the other side catches up.  Or when you’re only slightly amused and do the half-smile.  I love it.  And I love you.