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Wacky Day

My kids had pre-school on April Fool’s day and they called it “Wacky Day”.  They were supposed to have crazy hair & clothes.  So we put shirts and jackets on backwards and Lydia’s pants on inside out.  Carter had shorts on over his pants.  I started to put underwear over pants but decided that was a bit far for preschoolers. (It would have been funny though…)  Carter wore his hair “spike-y” and Lydia had a 5 ponytails in her hair.  They thought it was hilarious.  I thought it was cute.  See?


When they got home, they didn’t want to change.  Then (after an “incident” I’d rather not replay which involved one child beating another) they both took naps, and woke up just in time for us to be fashionably late to church.  I started to change their clothes, was met by a little resistance and decided what-the-heck-let-em-wear-whatever-they-want.  In the car, Carter said, “Thanks for letting us stay wacky, Mommy.”

Fastforward to this morning.  Looking at the pantry and fridge, there’s very little of substance here.  I really need to go to the grocery store, but it’s a freakin’ monsoon outside.  I have no desire to get soaking wet dragging 3 munchkins to the store.  So…we’ll be eating fruit snacks and chips for lunch…because that’s what I have available.  So I told the kids that we’re having “wacky day 2” and we’re going to be having a “wacky” lunch.

Does that make me a horrible mommy?  I feel a little bad about it.  But not bad enough to put on pants.

Tomorrow’s lunch will be the epitome of dietary perfection.  I promise. (Yeah, right.)