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That's a big ol' drink!

The kids and I went shopping today, and they begged for me to stop and get hotdogs.  So I figured if I stopped at Sonic, I could get a drink with “hospital ice”.  I love hospital ice!  You know the little cylindrical pieces that are just crunchy enough, but not hard?  The ice that’s totally awesome? So awesome that I simply cannot let it go to waste.  I refuse to throw out hospital ice, and I try my darnedest to eat it before it melts.

So I place our order, requesting a “large diet coke” with my meal. I was a bit surprised when my “large” drink arrived.  She must have the wrong car.  Surely that absurdly large gallon of coke wasn’t meant for me!

When she handed it to me, I nearly dropped it.  I couldn’t even put my hands all the way around the stupid thing! I definitely couldn’t hold it while I was driving.

So while I was driving(and not drinking my diet coke…boo-hoo), I thought about the fact that the cup beside me held 44 ounces of fluid.   And I thought about the fact that that’s about what Asa eats in 3 days!  Holy aspartame, Batman, that’s a lot of diet coke!

But I’m happy to report that eventhough it took me all day long, I finished the blasted thing-ice and all.  Now I have to go pee.