Wordless Wednesday: Maddie Spohr Edition

Today was supposed to be Wordless Wednesday.  I was supposed to show you a cute picture of my kids.  But this morning I woke up to terrible, horrible, heartbreaking news.  I’m sure every one in the blogosphere knows already, but for those of you who don’t know: Maddie Spohr (the daughter of Heather and Mike Spohr) died yesterday.  I stayed up late, watching for updates on Twitter.  It had been hours since we’d heard anything.  It made me nervous.  But I finally gave in to my drooping eyelids…and now I’m waking up and finding it a little hard to breathe.  My heart is broken for Heather and Mike.  I’m wordless…

A lot of people don’t understand this whole community of bloggers.  I’ve heard this a million times: “How can you be friends with someone you’ve never met?”  or “Why do you even care what somebody in California is doing?”

Well, I’ve never met Heather, Mike or Maddie.  But I know how big and beautiful Maddie’s eyes were.  And how perfect her curls were.  I know that Heather’s birthday is one day before mine and that she loves to take pictures.  She’s sassy and full of energy.  Mike’s funny and laid-back.  These are some of the things I know about them.  And I’m guessing that I’d like them if I did meet them.

And as for caring about what someone in California is doing: I care that they lost their baby girl.  And I care that they are sad and hurting. And  I care that they are going to need people to pray for them.  And I care that they are going to have to go through grief like many of us will never know.

Since Maddie was so premature when she was born, March of Dimes has been very important to the Spohr’s.  Heather and Mike have asked that instead of flowers, please give to Maddie’s March of Dimes “March for Dimes” Team.

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