Adorable (& EASY) Pillowcase Dress

I’ve blogged about this before, but the page I linked to with directions is now gone.  So, I decided provide a step-by-step guide here based on my experience.  If I were a supa-awesome blogger, I would make one and post pictures along with my directions.  I, however, am only awesome.  (And Lydia has 6 of these, so I have no reason to make another one.)   But since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m going to add some really crappy drawings that will hopefully make the directions easier to understand!  Hopefully is the key word.  (Click on “pcdress#” to see the drawings.)  **I’ve never inserted pdf files before…I hope this works!  And if not, they weren’t that great anyway.**

This is such an easy project that if you can even barely work a sewing machine, you can make this adorable dress in less than 30 minutes!!  And if you make it large enough, this is  a “grow with me” item.  Lydia has worn hers so that it was long, and now it’s short.  I have seen several girls wearing them as shirts(adorable!)

Materials you’ll need:
1 pillowcase
matching or coordinating thread
2 yards of matching ribbon
Fray Check(optional)
Washable fabric marker or chalk
Tape measure
Sharp scissors
Sewing machine

Lay the pillowcase flat, with the hemmed end at the bottom.  Measure upwards according to the following measurements:
6 month – 14.5 inches
12 month – 16.5 inches
18 month – 17.5 inches
2T – 18.5 inches
3T – 19.5 inches
4T – 20.5 inches

Once measured, cut off everything above the line you’ve drawn, saving the scraps. (pcdress02)

From the leftovers/scraps, cut a strip that is 1.5 inches tall.  Cut the strip open and then in half, so that you have 2 strips.  Each strip will be about 1.5 inches tal by about 20 inches long. (pcdress03)

Now take the large part of the pillowcase and fold it in half longways.  You will be cutting out the armholes, and it keeps it even if you fold it in half and only have to cut one time. (pcdress04) For sizes 2T and below, cut in about 1.5 inches and 3 inches down. For larger sizes, cut 2 inches in and 4 inches down. (pcdress05)

(You will have to read and re-read this next paragraph several times, I assure you.  There is no way I can draw this for you.  It won’t make sense until you try it, so just get out your machine, start sewing and make sure you have a seam ripper in case you make a mistake!)

Take one 1.5 inch strip and place it on the inside of the armwhole, right side of strip to wrong side of dress/pillowcase.  Fold down the top of the strip about 3/8th of an inch.  Meet the top of the fold with the top of dress.  Stitch the strip all the way around the armhold.  When you get close to the end of the armhole, stop and cut off the extra strip, leaving enough to fold down 3/8ths of an inch.  Fold down, and finish off the armhole.

Next, fold the strip TWICE: once so that the raw edge of the strip is touching the raw edge of the armhole, and then fold it over again to the other side of the armhole(essentially making a binding).

Fold like that all along the armhole, pinning as you go.  Then stitch along the binding.  Don’t stress out about trying to make a pretty stitch, the inside stitch won’t show when you’re done.

Now do the other armhole just like this one.

Then fold down the top of the front, first by 1/4th of an inch and then by 5/8ths of an inch.  This will form a casing (with no raw edges exposed) for the ribbon once its stiched up.  Stitch it up, and then do the same thing to the back of the dress.

Now thread a yard of ribbon through each casing.  If the casing is small and the ribbon is wide, it may help to put a safety pin on the end of the ribbon to help you pull it through.  Once you have the ribbon through the casing, trim the end and seal with Fray Check.

Now just tie up the ribbons and you have this adorable dress:


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