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Our Little Diva

When I really want something I say to stick with the kids, I make them shake on it.  I say it, and then they repeat it while we’re shaking hands.  It isn’t fail-proof, but it helps.

So my mom just came to pick the “big kids” up for a sleepover at her house tonight.  As they were getting ready to go I reminded Lydia, who is just barely potty trained, that she needed to use the potty if she had to go pee.

Me: Shake on it?

Lydia, while shaking my hand: I pwomise not to pee orr poop on de floy at Gramama’s house.

And then…she takes a bow as if she’s just completed a stunning performance on Broadway.

Oh, how I love that child!

Right Now

It’s quiet.


It’s quiet now.

Not often,

But it is right now.

And I can hear my own heart beating.

My breath.






I close my eyes.


“Be still and know that I am God.”

That’s easy to do right now.

In the quiet, the dark.

And even though I’m tired.

I stay awake.

To feel the quiet.

To hear nothing and everything.

And to be still.