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A Sentence on Sunday

When Carter and even Lydia were little, I wrote lots of long letters to them.  I’d write about what they were doing at that stage in life.  I’d tell funny little stories about them.  I still have a book where I jot down things as they come to me, but the days of long letters is long gone.  Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time in my day.  Poor Asa is almost 8 months old(on Saturday! Where did the last month go??) and has maybe 3 letters.  More than average, I would guess, for a lot of folks…but a lot less than average for me.  So I decided that if I wrote a sentence(or two or three) to each of my kids every Sunday, it would add up over time.  So…I guess I’m starting my own meme.  But it’ll be fun(I hope) to look back at the end of the year and see what each week held.

Dear Carter,
You are quite possibly the smartest 4 year old I’ve ever met.  I know you’re my kid and all, but seriously?  You actually say things like, “Lydia, that’s not the proper way to assemble to train track” and “I would actually prefer if you didn’t yell at me” .  I kid you not…these are the kinds of things you come up with.  I never cease to be amazed. (Oh, and by the way…I would actually prefer if you didn’t do things that cause me to yell at you.  Just sayin’.)

Dear Lydia,
It’s like you turned three and the magic diction fairy came and tapped her wand on your head, and just like *that*…your “r”s started sound like “r”s.  No more ‘hee’ and ‘they’, but ‘here’ and ‘there’.  It’s no longer ‘doyk’ outside, and we no longer get in the ‘coy’ to drive.  And I miss it.  I liked the non-existent “r”s.  The only thing I don’t miss is you saying “Tuckey” .  I think we’re all glad to get that behind us.  Especially Carter!

Dear Asa,
In the past month you’ve learned to roll from back to front and back again.  You’ve learned to eat baby food, and now table food.  Drink out of a sippy cup.  Pinch like nobody’s business.  Babble like a crazy man.  And you’re beginning to figure out how to pull up on things.  I think you’re the happiest baby we’ve had so far.  You smile a lot.  You love to bounce in your “johnny jumper”, although you’re about to outgrow the weight limit!  Slow down, little one…you’re getting too big too fast.