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To My Child’s Teacher – Part II

Lydia starts her 3 day a week preschool program today.
Ms. B was Carter’s teacher last year, and now Lydia is with her.
We love Ms. B!!

Dear Ms. B,
Lydia is my heart.  She is my diva.  She is a little me.  You know how sometimes I’m moody and can be kind of witchy?  Yeah…she’s perfected that.  But she can be the sweetest thing.  She loves to cuddle.  She loves to snuggle and give hugs and rub gently on your arm.  She’s a little sensitive sometimes, but she gets over it quickly.  Don’t let her fool you; she’s tough.

She’s also sassy and can be a real grump.  A sure-fire way to get her out of her frump is to make her “shake, shake, shake her grumpies out” and then tell her NOT to smile.  Her knees are exceptionally ticklish and get her everytime. If she sasses back at you, threaten to takeaway her snack.  Food is nearest and dearest to her heart.

She loves to be a mama hen, so you may have to tell her to give the other kid’s their space.  She doesn’t really “get” personal space.  She thinks everyone wants to be smothered with hugs and kisses.

My favorite things she does is cock her head to the side and look at you like you’re crazy.  If you haven’t seen it before, you’ll see it soon.  I promise it’ll crack you up.  Send me a pic if you capture it with your phone camera.  I have somehow missed getting this look on film.  (Who uses film anymore?  Maybe I should just say “on camera”, but that sounds like video.  Anyway, you get my point.)

She truely believes that she’s a princess.  And by proxy, you are a royal servant.  Don’t give in to her beguiling looks.  She can put on her own shoes and buckle them.  She can go the bathroom by herself.  She can do a lot of stuff on her own.  But she’s going to try you, I promise.  She’s going to see how much she can con you into doing for her.  I know she’s cute, but don’t give in.

But do cuddle with her.  She likes to sit in your lap and rock like a baby.  She’ll sit so still and you can smell her little girl smell.  It’s intoxicating. Hug her, love her, treat her like your own.  I know you will.  She and I both already adore you.

p.s. The day that she’s supposed to bring snacks is “Mary Had A Little Lamb Day”.  Would it be inappropriate to send lamb chops?