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Serenity Sunday

You may remember that I hate the beach.  I hate how sand gets everywhere.  I hate feeling sticky.  I hate getting hot.  I hate getting sweaty.

But I have to admit that this trip has been better than normal.  Apparently if you take away heat and an abundance of sunshine, the beach isn’t so bad.  I mean, I still had sand in my crack(which I’m sure we can all agree is not preferable), but it wasn’t horrible.

It also didn’t hurt that we were only out for a few hours each morning.  And the beach isn’t nearly as crowded now that it’s “off season”.

And as great as the clouds and breeze were, it wasn’t optimal picture-taking weather.  Normally I love a little natural shade from clouds.  But the clouds were so dark and heavy that I expected a downpour at any moment…and that just makes everything look dull and gray.

But I did get this one good shot of my crowd working on our sand castle.  And soon I’ll post the rest of my pictures.  We have such cute kids.