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This past weekend I went to a Christian retreat center with a bunch of middle schoolers.  I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to it too much, but we had an amazing time.  And, although I’m still so very tired, it lived up to it’s name: ReCharge.  The spiritual recharging was much needed.  And has gotten me back where I should be…or at least on the way.

The speakers were fantastic.  The breakout sessions were fun and informative.  The fellowship couldn’t have been more fun…even without the good old internet.

And I have tons and tons of pictures.  However, they aren’t exclusively of me, and I’m not going to plaster the faces of “my church kids” all over the place.

But I can show you what surrounded me as I had my quiet time each morning.


fall leaves

You can find more of my daily pictures here, where I’m attempting to do Project 365.