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Friends from Way Back When

Surely you all have at least one.  You know, a friend from way back when.

Someone who remembers when you wore a total of two pairs of socks not for warmth, but for fashion.  You know purple and gold on the left foot and gold and purple on the right.  Because that’s just Klassy.

Someone who remembers when you wore culottes and full-body sunflower-patterned jumpers.

Someone who remembers your first car.

Someone who knew you before you were a mom.

Someone who knows your family history well enough for you to say, “Remember that time when…” and you don’t have to retell the story.

Someone who has hugged you and held you when you had your heart broken

Someone who has made you laugh harder than you thought possible.

Someone who you can see once or twice a year, and still pick up where you left off.

I am lucky enough to have two of those someones.

And I was lucky enough to spend the whole weekend with them.