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Through the Eyes of a Child

Last weekend we went to the UGA vs. Tenn Tech game in Athens.  Marshall was born and raised in Athens.  Marshall and I both went to school at Georgia.  He is a die hard fan for sure!  For a few years after we graduated, we had season tickets.  When Carter was a baby we still had tickets and regularly made it to games.  Then came the decision of a lifetime: keep paying for season tickets or have another baby.  Fortunately for Lydia, we chose the baby route.  (Although there were some times during her colic-induced screaming I wondered if we’d really made a wise choice!) (Just kidding!)  (A little.)

Anyway, after we quit renewing our season tickets, our trips to Sanford Stadium got a lot less frequent.  (Neither of us are very good negotiators when trying to buy tickets from a scalper.)  Last weekend we had the opportunity to get 7 tickets; enough for us, the kids and Marshall’s parents who live nearby.

We had a fantastic time!  See?


But this post isn’t about any of that.  This post is about my sweet, smart boy.

Once we left the game, we were in the car passing all the chaos that is gameday.  My mother-in-law was in the back seat with the big kids and I heard them talking about all the things that they saw:  Lots of people wearing red.  A red tent with the “shor-sha”(georgia) G on it.  A red light.  A stop light.  A fence(they meant a road block thing). 2 police men.

We all saw the two policemen standing there…one white male, one black male.

Grandma: “Carter, do you see anything different about those two policemen?”
(I might want to point out that that question wasn’t totally out of the blue…we’d been talking about ‘same’ & ‘different’.)

Carter: Yes.  One of them has a hat.