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Cinnawella's Cassle

Seven months ago we put down a deposit on a trip to Walt Disney World.
Asa was still wearing 3-6 month clothes and couldn’t even roll over.
Lydia was still wearing diapers, and said “Cinnawella”.
Carter still took naps and could barely write his name.

Today?  Well, things are very different around here.
Asa is wearing 12 month clothes, and can (army)crawl faster than I can run.
Lydia is potty trained(with an occasional accident), and says “Cinderella” with perfect diction(and lots of southern drawl).
Carter busts out full sentences (written on every spare piece of paper in the house), like the one today:  “God ♥s me”.   With the heart and the s and everything.

For 10 days now, we’ve been doing a countdown.
___days until we leave for Disney.
They are excited.
I am excited.

I was typing out our itinerary(yes, you read that right, and no, I will not accept snarky comments about this), and making sure I had all our dinner reservation confirmation numbers in order.  The show times listed, so we make sure we see what we most want to see.  The locations for the character greetings.  All noted.  I’m looking at a weather report now, trying to plan out our wardrobe.  (I know, I know…I’m a dork.  But this is part of the fun for me!)

As I was getting all this together today, guess what I saw taunting me from the small little corner of the page?

We also recommend: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

One click and I was head over heels in lurve.  I’ve never been to Disney at Christmas before.  And man, oh man…I can’t wait!

A Christmas parade with “real, live” toy soldiers and animated gingerbread cookies.

Cookies & hot cocoa(mind you, it’s supposed to be well into the 70s).

Pixie dust on the castle made of hundreds of thousands of tiny lights(which I found out today they start putting on in July so that they have time to get all of them up!)


Christmas carols.  (And I die a little inside from excitement!)

And SNOW!!!   (I know it’s not real, but dooood…I’m from Georgia.  It doesn’t take much.)