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That’s what the little cursor is doing.  Blink…blink…blink…blink…

And I sit and stare at it, and nothing happens.

I’ll have a post in my head, but it won’t come out.

Or I’ll write a post and decide not to actually post it.

Anissa’s stroke has shaken me.

The funeral I went to yesterday (the one for the 6-week old baby, with the tiny little white casket and paul-bearer handles) has shaken me.

A friend’s cancer diagnosis has shaken me.

And I’m thinking a lot.

And praying a lot.

And living and breathing.

And enjoying life, appreciating it more than I usually do.

But I can’t put it into words.

One moment, after hearing a particularly touching sermon, I’m on a spiritual high.

And then a funeral.  For a six-week old.  A child I’d never met.  The child of a guy I knew way back when, but haven’t talked to in years.

And then my faith seems to not be at a low point, but to be gone.

But then I read something that Peter has written about Anissa.  His strength, his courage, his love, his faith.

And my heart soars again.

Spiritual highs and lows, oscillating so quickly that I don’t even know where I stand.


Starting next week, I’ll be participating in the {W}rite of Passage Challenge.   They did a trial run this past Monday, but I didn’t get my junk together enough to start it then.  It’s just a group of bloggers encouraging each other to not only write, but to write well.  And boy, oh boy…I may have bitten off more than I can chew after seeing a list of the other folks who are doing this.


I’m also busy over here, taking the 31 Days of Giving Challenge.  (I apparently love a good challenge so much that I create my own.)  Please come join us.  It’s fun to give something every day!


One last thing: make sure to come back tomorrow if you love music!  In lieu of an actual post, I’m going to be doing another giveaway.  (Possibly the last one on this site.)