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You're ONE?

We had your birthday party on Saturday.

You were so tired and grumpy by the time we got finished with lunch.

But you found joy in a plastic cup, and you were content as ever.
(You had more fun playing with that cup than with any of your new toys.)

You attacked your cupcake like you attacked that tart at Disney!

We spent your birthday eve on a hayride, looking at thousands of Christmas lights.
(I can’t believe I forgot my camera!  But watching you bounce up and down with so much excitement was so much fun to watch!)

And for your birthday we went to Jump City.
You hated it, but Carter and Lydia loved it.

And we went out to dinner where you got ice cream for dessert.

You hated it, so your brother and sister took care of it for you.

(Daddy may have had a bite or two.)

And as the day came to a close, I held you and rocked you.

You drank your milk(real milk, not formula) from your nighttime bottle.

You use sippy cups except for your nighttime bottle.

Because you’re not a baby anymore.

You can *almost* walk, which I love and dread all at once.

You can say “Mamamamama” and “yay”.

I think you have said “Maaa-geee” a few times, and I think you think all dogs are “Maggie”.

You transitioned happily from bottle to sippy cup and passed the baby food stage months ago.

You love meat, hate veggies-just like your dad.

You laugh and smile a lot.

You’re happy, so happy.

I can’t believe you’re one.

Happy birthday, little man!

Look at how you’ve changed: