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How to help Haiti by saying Hello **UPDATED**

Every year  I seem to miss National Delurker Day.  I promise myself that next year I’ll do it, but it comes and goes without a second thought.  But today I was reading some blogs and noticed that “Hey!  It’s Delurker Day! I should see how many of my lurkers I can get to delurk!”  (Ok, really?  I just like saying the word “lurker”.  I don’t know why.  It may be the influence of my children.  I may wait for them to get in the car today and then just start saying “lurkerlurkerlurkerlurker” like they do to me and see how long it takes them to snap.  Is that wrong?)

Anyway, onto National Delurker Day:

No, it’s not what you think…it’s a day where all you people who read my blog(I know you’re there…I see the numbers in my stat counter) and don’t comment can say “Hello!”.  I want to know that you’re out there.  I do.  I really do!

And I’m going to steal Emily’s idea for today and say that for every comment I get today, I will give $1 to Compassion(who is responding immediately) and $1 to Heifer International(who will be focusing on the rebuilding of Haiti).  This tragedy has touched my heart, and one of our own in this virtual community has been impacted specifically(her daughter is adopted from the area).

Let me know who’s out there…and help me do my little part to help Haiti.

*I grabbed this graphic from Greeblemonkey, who I’ve never read before today…but will from this day forward!  🙂

**UPDATED: I had 20 comments, so I donated $20 to Compassion and $20 to Heifer.  Thank you all.