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Happiness is…

egg hunts in the sunshine

all-you-can-eat candy lunch buffet
(oh hush…you know you’d love to have an all-you-can-eat candy lunch!)

car windows down, wind blowing your hair

new fabric for patio furniture

holiday bling

boiling eggs(the right way that I never knew I was doing wrong) & getting ready to color them

ignoring the pollen and enjoying beautiful blossoms

and watching this little man use the waterhose as a microphone

Special Feet

I’ve wanted to join in on the “You Capture” fun for a while, but never got around to doing it. When I saw that this week’s theme was feet, I couldn’t resist. Some of you know, some of you don’t: Carter has what we call “special feet”. He only has 8 toes-5 on one foot, 3 on the other. We don’t know why or how or what will happen as he grows, but as of now he wears two drastically different sized shoes. The leg of his “little foot” is shorter than his other leg. The current plan is to do nothing about it. When he gets bigger and starts to hit a big growth spurt, he’ll have surgery to stunt the growth of the longer leg so that the legs can even out in length. (At least that’s the plan for now. Unless they come up with a better option by then.)

Because of this we talk about feet a lot in our house.
There are times when Lydia has actually come to tears because she has 10 toes!

I’ve never seen Carter cry about only having 8.
At this point, he doesn’t even seem to notice or care that his foot is different from everyone else’s.

You know he’s having fun when the shoes come off!


Also?  Gratuitous photo of baby feet.

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