Daily Archives: 1:10 am


There’s something about a silhouette.

The stark contrast of light and dark.

No gray area, no middle ground.

Just light.

And dark.

The unknown, the secrets
are hidden,
tucked away,
biding their time.

Some hiding in the deepest part of the black,

Some on the brink of the light, waiting to be catapulted into sight.

And the irony is that it’s not the light that we see, but instead the dark.

The shadows, they captivate us.

Darkness-filled with the unknown-taunts us, tempts us, calls to us.

It’s easy to live in the darkness.

It’s easy to hide.

Hide our true selves.

Hide from others.

Hide from our own self.

At least we think we are hidden.

But remember…

it’s not the light we see, but the shadows.