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My Child, He is a Changin’

As a baby, he loved to cuddle.
As a toddler, he wanted to run and play.
As a preschooler, he wants to be independent and free.

And now, on the cusp of something big,
as he toes the line between little boy and big,
there is a change that even he notices.

I find him running back for reassurance,
a pat on the back,
a hug, a kiss-
but only on the cheek.

And I’m guessing that like me (even as an adult),
he can’t quite figure it out, or name it…
this big change, turmoil and excitement in his core.

He will start “real” school this year.
He’s asking if he can go to camp.
“When can I have a sleepover, mom?”
(Mommy is so frequently replaced by Mom.)
(When did that happen?)
He’s wanting to be so grown up.

And I’m just wanting to freeze…
Right here in this day
-this perfect sunny day-
so full of hugs and cuddles and giggles.

“And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again”