Standing in the Rain

walking to the car,
the rain pelts down
popping my skin so violently that it stings.
my eyes water as the wind bends and blows.

but i don’t run,
don’t even quicken my step.
i decide instead to slow down,
dig my toes into the ground,
and take it in.

i close my eyes
and realize that my clothes have gone from damp to soaked.
my hair is dripping.
and i am cold.

but something holds me there,
freezing me in time.
breathing in and out.
taking in the smell of the rain and the force of the wind.
my breaths slow,

i force myself to concentrate on individual rain drops.
and think of it inĀ slow motion,
a molecular collision between me and the universe
and i am in awe.

a world (many worlds really)
being nurtured, sustained.
and i am in it.
and i feel connected,
plugged into nature instead of technology.

i am nurtured, sustained by the same water
that cleanses me,
refreshes me,
and reminds me that even a raindrop is more than it appears.

2 Responses to Standing in the Rain
  1. punkinmama
    April 26, 2010 | 1:59 pm