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Tea Party {FF}

Today was the tea party.

The only thing that made it a tea party was the fact that we served tea (and pink lemonade).
(Because really? ¬†What’s a sunny day without any lemonade?)

But she wanted to call it a tea party, so we did.

And one of her friends couldn’t come because her brother was at home sick.

But we had fun making chinese lanterns
(which I thought everyone made in preschool but discovered that I’m the only 30-40 year old who’s ever made them).

The food was fresh and yummy.

And the impromptu water fun was a plus!

But the best part was finishing off an entire box of Push-Pops,

which somebody really liked!

So what fun thing did you do this Friday?

Fun Friday

I’ve talked before about Fun Friday.

When I was a nanny, Fun Friday was the pinnacle of the week.

Everyone looked forward to the fun (and usually secret) event that I was planning for Friday.

And I always anticipated continuing the Fun Friday tradition with my own kids.

But ya know how it goes…life gets busy and, well…ideas get set aside and forgotten.


Fun Fridays are back on at the Ivey house-

starting with the (non-political) tea party at our house tomorrow with friends.

Tonight we made Chinese lanterns that will hang from fishing wire.

We’ll have lunch with tea (or lemonade, if you wish).

We’ll play outside and draw with chalk.

We’ll have a fun Friday.

And hope you will, too!