Daily Archives: 10:48 pm

Beautiful. Strong. Proud.

When you look at me, what do you see?
I can’t help but wonder.
This woman I am, I have become-
Confident and outgoing?

Or the girl, the one there hidden in my eyes-
Plagued by doubts and secrets and sins?
It’s hard not to let her smuggle away that confidence,
Smother this person I’ve become.

But today…today I will fight back.
I will push her back into the shadows.

And today I will look at myself
And I will see someone beautiful,
Someone strong,
Someone I’m proud to be.

Because I have a little girl in my house
Who is watching me.
And she is beautiful.
And she is strong.
And she is someone who should be proud of herself.

So for her…
I will call myself beautiful and believe it.
I will proclaim with authority that I am strong.
I will be proud of me.

And one day…
One day…
I hope she will , too.