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Happy Birthday to ME!!

I used to ask for a comment cake every year for my birthday,
but since Facebook is really the Birthday Comment Cake King,
I thought I’d do something a little different this year.

I want a picture cake!
(But not one like this.)

For my birthday, I want to see your pictures.
The favorite picture you’ve taken.
The best picture of you.
The beautiful picture of your kid(s) that you just can’t stop looking at.

I want to see what makes you smile.

If you have a flickr account or blog, I’m pretty sure you know how to add your link below.

But if you don’t have a flickr account(ahem, Mama) or blog(Becky….),
you can still join in as long as you have pictures on facebook!

You’ll go to the page of the picture you want to use and scroll all the way down
where you will see: “Share this photo with anyone by sending them this public link”.
Highlight the link and hit CTRL + C.
Come back to my blog and click on the “Add Your Link” button.
Paste(CTRL + V) the facebook link into the box that says URL
and fill in the rest of your info!

I’ve started by adding my own new favorite photo.
Please won’t you join me?

Sentences on Sunday{18 months}

Dear Asa,

You fell asleep at church today.  (That never happens.)  And not just asleep, but dead-to-the-world-with-floppy-arms-and-snoring kind of asleep.  And as your dad placed you in my arms, I was overwhelmed at the weight of your body.  I may carry you a lot, but you’re usually awake and holding yourself up.  I could feel your deep sleep breaths on my chest and I felt like our hearts were in sync.  I closed my eyes and drew in every bit of your smell and let it flood my senses.  I want to remember this, I thought.  I want to remember this forever.  You are my baby-my sweet, sweet baby.  And no one can deny that you are special to me.  Your smile is perfect, and I love how your big belly laugh is almost a growl.  And I love it.  And I love you.

You’re a whole lot of silly grins and giggles, sprinkled with a dash of seriousness every now and then.
I love your serious look.

You are very inquisitive and curious, much like your big brother.

In the last week, you’ve busted out with a few new words: flower, no, moah(more), mah(mine), mlk(milk), and my personal fave uh-oh.

And you can “sing” the ABC song from start to finish.  Who cares if it’s just a mesh of sounds instead of the right letters?

You really crack me up with the head shaking.  We’ll ask you a yes or no question, but it seems that you just randomly shake your head with no idea which means yes and which means no.

You’re Mr. Tough Guy.  Instead of kisses, you prefer to give head butts.  Which is fine when I’m expecting it and prepared to stop you, but you’ve busted my lip a few times already.

I love the “ooohhh” face you make.  So overly animated that it makes me giggle every time.

Happy 18 months(a few days late), my long-lashed little dude!

I can’t wait to get you by yourself for a photo shoot!  🙂



Trading Spaces

For the past few months my “big” kids have been begging for bunk beds.  I have to admit that the idea of bunk beds is really fun and appealing.  But I also know my children, and I worry about broken bones and concussions when they eventually jump off the top.  I’m not completely against the idea, but it just stresses me a little.

Also…it’d be really nice to have a separate space for the new baby.  When Lydia was born, she and Carter shared a room by necessity and it was difficult to keep him asleep when she woke up in the middle of the night.  (She ended up spending her first few months sleeping in the hallway, actually.  In her infant carrier.)  (I know, I know…)

If we split them up this way, the “big” kids will have one room, and the little ones will each have their own space on the other side of the house.  That will(hopefully) mean that we can have two slightly different schedules so that everyone (except me, I imagine) will get adequate sleep time.

Moving Asa to Carter’s room is a no brainer.  It’s car-themed and he already loves to write on the chalkboard track painted around the room.  And he’s really just getting into the train table, so that’ll be fun.

Lydia’s room is up for grabs.  It’s pink, so if the baby is a girl we can pretty much leave it as it.  If the baby’s a boy, a coat of paint should do the trick.

But the big room(which is about 14×14)…I have no clue.  What color?  What theme?  How elaborate?  My creative juices just won’t start flowing this time.

I generally don’t like:

  • primary colors
  • painted murals
  • character themes(like Spider-man or Dora)
  • super-minimalist/modern look
  • super-country/shabby chic look

I generally do like:

  • plaid/madras prints
  • greens and blues
  • easily identified storage spaces for toys
  • starting with an IKEA bed and embellishing it
  • putting in some work to get a good result
  • happy, smiling children who sleep in their own beds]

So…ideas people.  I need ideas…

Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top

So once a month there’s this photo contest. 
You submit your photo to and Aimee chooses 10 finalists. 
Then it’s left up to the public to pick a winner.

My photo “He’s Got His Whole World in His Hands” is a finalist this month! 

The winner gets a $250 camera rental, which y’all know I’d love! 

So…if you don’t mind, pretty pretty please click here and vote for me! 
My picture is the first one listed, but the poll is actually at the bottom of the page.

Thank you so much!

Feather Bed Fun

A few weeks ago my friend April posted the most adorable pictures of her kids on Facebook.
From the moment I heard about this, I knew I wanted to get in on the fun: Feather Bed Photo Shoot.

Shana Cawley, a local photographer, had a lovely old bed set up in her backyard.
She armed my kids with a handful of feathers and the fun began.

And because Shana had crinolines there and Lydia can’t resist an opportunity to be girly, we took a few of just her.
I hope I’ll be able to share those on here once they’re done.

All images are property of Shana Cawley Photography.
If you are interested in prints or her mad photography skillz, contact Shana at shana_cawley(at)yahoo(dot)com.

The last hurrah!

We went on vacation week before last.
Which was great, but exhausting.

We had Vacation Bible School this week.
Which was great, but exhausting.

We had swim lessons this week, too.
Which was great, but exhausting.

And we found out about this.
Which is great, but exhausting.

Yes…I just posted a picture of something I peed on.
I swore I’d never do it, but oh well…

The kids are convinced it’s a girl.
Carter wants to name her Rachel.
Lydia wants to name her Pansy.
I don’t want to name him or her either of those,
So we’ll see how things go.

**There are a few of you I wanted to tell in person…you know who you are…but once the littles knew, I couldn’t keep their mouths shut.  I’m sorry.  I luffs you!**

P.S.  This is the last one.          I hope.

P.P.S.  Happy Father’s Day yet again, Marshall!  I love you!

Dealing with the Difficult

Amazing Grace.

How many times have I sung that song?
How many times have I talked about grace?
Or referenced it in conversations or lessons I’ve taught?

How glibly I let the words slide off my tongue,
Without a second thought.

Amazing Grace.
How sweet the sound?

It should be sweet.
Grace should be amazing.

But so often I am wrapped up in things, things that side-track me
And leave me feeling bitter instead of sweet.

As a parent and as a teacher to teens, I find that:
There are times when I feel like I am too lenient.
There are times when I snap too quickly.
There are times when I ignore things that I should have spoken up about.
There are times when I should have just let it go, but didn’t.
There are times when I want to throw my hands in the air and say “I.give.up.”

But somewhere deep within I hear a whisper.
Amazing grace, Bridget.
Amazing grace.

Unmerited, undeserved blessings.

Unmerited, undeserved love.

Unmerited, undeserved.

It saved a wretch like me.

And it’s my responsibility to share that grace, show that grace.

It’s not always easy.

But it’s what I’m called to do, called to be.

God, help me be graceful.

Beautiful Bubbles

Today we had a Bubble Bash of epic proportions.
There were plenty of bubbles for everyone, bubble art and even a mega bubble.

The kids had fun with all, and I loved how the bubble art turned out.
It was super easy and not quite as messy as I’d expected.
I can see us doing this again…maybe with wrapping paper or note cards or photo frame mats.

To do this project, you’ll need several shallow pans or dishes(I used aluminum baking trays), some food coloring, some bubble solution, one straw per child, and pieces of cardstock.

Pour liquid bubble mix into each pan, just barely covering the bottom.
Add a few drops of food coloring to each pan.  Obviously the more drops, the more vibrant the colors will be.
Allow the kids to blow bubbles with the straws and when the bubbles are up to the top of the side, take the paper and gently press it into the bubbles.

As the bubbles pop, they will leave a marbled look on the paper.
And some happy smiling faces.

Try all kinds of patterns and colors…and don’t forget to have fun!


The mega bubble was a big hit with all the kids.  I kind of wish I could have had a turn in the middle of the gigantic bubble.

We’ll be doing this again sometime soon, too.

(photo by PeapodsquadMom)

What you’ll need: about 32 oz. of dish detergent, 6-12 oz. glycerin*, water, 1 wading pool, 1 hula hoop that will fit inside the wading pool.

Squirt all of the detergent and a generous amount of the glycerin in the bottom of the wading pool.  Using a water hose, add enough water to easily cover the hula hoop(or hoop-a-loop**, if you’re Agent Oso).  Swish the mixture around until the detergent and glycerin are evenly distributed in the water.  Try pulling the hula hoop out of the water.  You should be seeing a super-huge mega bubble.  If it pops quickly, try adding more glycerin.  Apparently the harder your water, the more glycerin you will need.

*I had a really hard time finding glycerin.  I finally found 6 oz. at our local pharmacy, but if you can also find it in many online stores including (For your information only…not an affiliate link!)  Our bubbles would have been much better, I think, if we’d had more glycerin.  Although I did some googling and used some light corn syrup as a substitute.  It was not as great, but it did work.

**Who in the world calls it a hoop-a-loop?  Is hula hoop a Southern phrase??

10 Things I Learned in DC

1. If you want to take a “long-cut”, follow Marshall.  He will always make sure you take the longest route possible.

2. My kids enjoyed these two things more than anything else: riding the metro and riding on a boat*.
(We can accomplish both of those tasks by driving a mere two hours from the house.  Just sayin’.)

3. The people at the Omni Shoreham Hotel** really know how to treat kids with families!

4. Strolling from one monument to another while a gentle breeze blows and fireflies light your way?  Pure magic.

5. Yes, Marshall, that actually is a fox staring at us as we walk past a small field in downtown DC.

6. We should not attempt a trip requiring such a long drive until all participants can understand and execute the command “Hold it!”

7. I really do have a sophomoric sense of humor.

8. Chipotle is as awesome as everyone told me it would be.

9. Having the worst head-cold evah can be cured by a trip to the spa.  (Thanks, Marshall!!)

10. I need a sauna at my house.***

*Ok, so the boat tour at sunset was really nice!  And the kids pretended to be captains and drive the boat, which was adorable. (Especially when Carter talked all firm and serious with his chest puffed up!)
**NOT an affiliated link or a paid advertisement.  I just really loved the hotels and their services.
***No, really…I could actually breathe after being in there!

Friday Favorite

My friend Tiffany just opened an etsy store: Sew Cute By Tiffany.

She makes the most adorable girl’s clothes(and has the cutest model evah!)