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At the Hop

I was at BlogHer last year, and I hope to be there next year.  Did you hear that it’s in San Diego?  I’ve always wanted to go to California!

But this year?  I’m joining in Robin’s Annual Blog Hop!   I met Robin at Blissdom this past February.  She waltzed up beside me in a session and introduced herself.  Something magical happens when one Southern blogger meets another.  She pulled my drawl out of hiding and made me feel like an old friend.  That’s her…warm and inviting.  And since I’ve been reading her blog I can add inspirational to that list.  You should definitely go read her archives and add her to your feed reader.  She’s a keeper, I tell ya!

I’m supposed to be telling you about myself though, aren’t I?

  • Well, I am the mom of 3-soon to be 4!  (5 year old boy, 4 year old girl, 1.5 year old boy, and we find out in 8 weeks the gender of #4)
  • My husband is a pediatrician.  He contemplated starting his own blog and did a test run here.  People seemed to like it, but he decided that blogging wasn’t his thing.
  • I love photography and I am in the midst of doing Project 365, although I haven’t updated my flickr stream in a several days.
  • I write about whatever comes to mind…each of my kidsfamilycrafts, self-esteem, old memories, new memoriesfaith, recipes, or just whatever I want to write about.
  • I am a chronic project starter.  That does not mean I am a chronic project finisher.  I would love to be…maybe in oh, say 18 or so years??
  • My favorite spot in my house is my chair in the morning.  For about 30 minutes the sun shines through the big arched window and makes it nearly impossible to see my computer screen or anything else…I take that as a sign that I should stop what I’m doing and enjoy the moment.  Occasionally I drift off to sleep, but usually that’s when I pray.
  • I love my children to death, but could not be a homeschooling mom.  (I’m proud of and impressed by those of you who do!)
  • I can not WAIT for school to start on MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!  Squee!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don’t “Squeeee!!!!!!!” very often.
  • I am sad that I didn’t plan my pregnancy better.  I will be missing Blissdom ’11 because I will likely have a newborn or be very, very pregnant at that point.
  • I am not a big name blogger.  I do not have a massive following.  And I’m not sure that I want those things.
  • I do have a handful of devoted readers whom I love.
  • I am a horrible commenter.  Sorry.  I want to comment, but I don’t.  I’m trying to be better about that.
  • Today I am going to be a great commenter!

Now, off to blog hop and comment!