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It’s a…

BIG SIDE NOTE: MY CHILDREN DO NOT KNOW, so please don’t tell them yet.
At my 17 week obstetrical appointment, the doctor came in and as he went to go listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the fetal doppler I stopped him.

“Um…I really hate to ask you this and you can totally say no if you want to but…”


“But…um is there anyway we could take a peek at this baby with an ultrasound.”

(Blank stare.)

“See, tomorrow is the last day for me to sign up as a consignor for the big consignment sale and…well, I’d really like to know whether or not I should keep the girl stuff or the boy stuff.”

“Well…this is a first!  But sure.  Why not?”

So we go into the ultrasound room and we see a beautiful, perfect little spine.
And a beautiful, perfect little foot with what appeared to have five toes.
And a beautiful, perfect little heart…shaped well and gushing along.
And a beautiful, perfect little…nothing.

I knew that 17 weeks was a little early to try.
I knew it was unlikely that we’d really be able to see much of anything.
But it was worth a shot.

“Why don’t you go eat lunch and then come back?  We’ll try again then.”

So we went to lunch and came back.

And we saw a beautiful, perfect little(big) head.
And a beautiful, perfect little leg.
And a beautiful, perfect little hand.
And a beautiful, perfect little…nothing.
(But we did get to hear a happy big brother say “WOW…WOW…WOW” about 500 times.)

As I was leaving, my friend who is a nurse practitioner there said, “So…..”

“Still no luck.  Guess I won’t be selling those clothes this time after all…”
<insert sad face here>

And the other doc heard us talking and she said: “Want me to look?”

And what kind of crazy person would turn down one more chance like that?

But I had to go pick up the big kids from school, so I promised to come back and we’d try again later.

And we went in-just me and the big kids this time
And we saw beautiful, perfect little baby pieces again.
And listened to the biggest brother ooh and ahh over the baby and how cool the ultrasound machine was.
And she searched and searched and searched…

And she quietly and discreetly(so that the biggest brother wouldn’t overhear) said:
“I’m about 90% sure this is a _________.  But don’t sell all those clothes yet.”

Later Marshall got a text from her.
She upped her guess to 97%.

So…you wanna know?

Actually, I want to know what you think.
Is Ivey #4 a boy or a girl?
(If you already know, don’t answer.)

(As a side note, 51% of you were wrong about Asa being a boy.  You guys aren’t very good guessers.)


Carter has been having a really hard time at school.  Not with the actual work.  Not with socializing with other kids.  Not with any of the learning components of education.  But he is having a hard, hard time learning to focus.

My boy’s got energy.  And he likes to talk.  And he doesn’t like to sit still.
(Hmmm…that sounds kind of familiar.)

Anyway, in efforts to try and help him learn to focus on his work, we’ve tried several different things:

We made up a cheer that we’d say as he got out of the car before school.
We talked about focus from sun-up ’til school each morning.
And that was mildly successful.

But I think, I think we may have finally found something that is going to work.

I bought some print-your-own-tattoo paper and made a “Focus Button” tattoo.

His teacher said he got all his work done quickly and didn’t talk during work time!
He told me “I only had to press my focus button TWO TIMES!!”

Here’s hoping Day Two of Project Focus Button works!

What do you do to help your child pay attention?