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Getting What You Wish For

From the moment we decided to go for baby #4, I wanted a little girl.
I’m a sucker for patterns(boy, girl, boy, girl).
And while I love my little boys, they don’t like it when I put hairbows in their hair.
And there are few things cuter than a little girl with fantastic hair accessories.

But now that we know(with 97ish% certainty) that she is actually a she,
I’m getting a little sentimental about my boy stuff.
There are plenty of things I’ll be getting rid of, but things I will keep.
Like the teeny tiny little blue outfit that both of my boys wore home from the hospital.
And a handful of other things that will be packed up,
Saved for another lifetime when I will open up the boxes,
And close my eyes and remember holding my boys,
And breathe in the smell of happy, sweaty little boys-
A smell that’s long gone from those clothes, but forever in my mind.

I got what I wished for…and I’m happy.
But even in happiness, there’s a tinge of sadness.
A little “oof” moment that takes my breath away.
And I am so grateful for the boys I have.
And for my girls.
And I wonder if life gets any better than this.