One piece of fabric changed my life.

When I first had Carter, I’d never heard of babywearing.  But by the time Lydia came along, I was a nanny to 3 girls and I had a 19 month old.  Lydia was such a fussy baby and often the only way to even somewhat console her was to hold her.  But chasing after Carter while helping the “big girls” do homework…well, it was stressful.  Not only for me, but for all of the kids.

I quickly discovered that I had to either grow extra hands or figure out a new plan.

Enter the Hotsling.
I loved my first hotsling so much that I got another one.
And then I figured out how to make them myself…
And then I made them for me and for a few of my friends.

But I’ll admit…these pouch-style slings aren’t for everyone.
I had friends who tried it and hated it!
I had friends who tried it and said it wasn’t comfortable.
I had friends who said it just wasn’t for them.

Babywearing isn’t for everyone.
And every sling is not for every person.

I tried other types of carriers and slings and yet I always returned to my trusty hotsling.

When I found out that I was going to be having another baby girl, I immediately went to the Hotslings website to see if I could find a great deal.  Imagine my surprise when I found out the company was gone.  Closed.  What in the world?  A warning from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (see a list of sling-related CPSC announcements/recalls here) essentially said that parents/caregivers should take care when using slings.  Yes, several babies did die while being carried in slings.  Yes, this is horribly tragic.  But with proper precautions, babywearing can be safe!

I am not a crunchy-granola mom.
I am not an attachment parenting mom.
I am not an organic-buying-homemade-baby-food-making mom.
(Although there’s nothing wrong with those types of moms!)

But I am a mom who knows what worked for me.
I am a mom who knows that babywearing(when done properly) is safe and comforting for mom and baby.
I am a mom who believes (without a shadow of doubt) that without my sling, I couldn’t have done the things I did.

So now here I am, about to have my fourth baby and
if ever I needed those extra arms, it’s now!
Tomorrow I will be reviewing the newest baby carrier that I have tried.
It really is a fantastic product-one that I hope that will continue to be around for years to come.

(I didn’t want to mix my review post with this one because, for some reason, it just didn’t seem right.
But I do firmly believe in the positive effects of babywearing
and I hope that many other moms(and dads!) will be able to discover the joys of babywearing!)

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2 Responses to One piece of fabric changed my life.
  1. Rebecca at Toothwhale
    October 5, 2010 | 8:57 pm

    I have a Hotsling somewhere (and a Maya Wrap and an Ergo). I ended up carrying my kids on my hip more than I wore them, but I support babywearing.

  2. Adventures In Babywearing
    October 6, 2010 | 10:40 pm

    I love your perspective!! So glad you shared this.