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Baby K’Tan Sling Review

A few weeks ago, I was searching for a new sling.
(The Hotslings I’ve always used are no longer being made.)
And then a friend mentioned the Baby K’tan on Twitter.

I immediately went to the Baby K’Tan website and I knew this was a sling I would love!
On top of being able to use it like my old pocket slings(Hip Position),
I could spread the weight around even more by using the Two-Hip Position.
That has really become an issue as Asa has gotten bigger!

When I have to rouse Asa to go pick up the big kids from school, you are likely to find him snuggled up close in the Hug.
But usually?  Usually we’re sporting our new fave, the Adventure hold.

AND(not that I’ve tried it) but you can easily carry two babies at once!
(Hear that moms of multiples???)

Happy Baby, Happy Mama!

(Pardon the blurry Droid picture.  We’re always on the go!)

One of the other things I love about the Baby K’Tan is the fabric.
It’s made of a super, super soft cotton that breathes and is comfortable for mom and baby.
(I wish all my tee shirts were made out of this material!)

And at only $59.99, it’s not as pricey as some other carriers.
(I like that a lot!)

The only “negative” I had was with sizing.
I am short and I frequently waver between medium and large.
The sizing tips say that if you are 5’2″ or under that you should order the smaller size.
So I ordered the medium.
It fits well, but I think that maybe I should have gotten the small.

I can’t wait to get my sweet little girl in this sling!
Viva la babywearing!

(Click here to watch videos on how to wear the Baby K’Tan.)

*Dear FTC, I contacted Baby K’Tan because I was interested in their product.
They were kind enough to sell it to me for a reduced price so that I could try it out.
I chose to review this product because it is something I love and a company that impresses me.