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It catches me off guard

This year Thanksgiving passed me by without me even remembering.

Last year we were at Disney.
The year before we were anxiously awaiting Asa’s arrival.
The year before that we were sitting-quite unexpectedly-at our little house in northeast Georgia.

I can still hear the voices of my family, my friends whispering in the other room.
Not sure what to say, but just being there…

I can still remember sitting in the ultrasound room, my eyes straining to see what was no longer there.

I can still remember my OB coming into the room.
I’d held it together until she walked into the room.

I can still remember waking up in the recovery room to friendly faces.
Friends who postponed their own holiday plans for me.  For me.

I can still remember calling the mom of “my girls” that I nannied.
And I remember being so grateful that she was a doctor because all I could eek out on the phone was,
“I’m having a D&C.  You’ll explain to the girls?”

I can still remember sitting alone at my basement desk, writing this post.

I can still remember talking my friends into going to a movie with me-
A movie that I loved, they hated.

I can still remember so much about that day, those days.
I can still close my eyes and end up in any one of those moments.

(Although in my mind they never occur in the sequence that they occurred in real life.
Like my mind was trying so hard to take it all in, that there was no time for proper sequencing as it was all being filed away.)

I can still remember so much and yet…
There are times that I forget.

It’s always right there, hidden in the back of my mind.
But sometimes it just gets covered up by all the other stuff, all the other chaos that defines my life.

And then I read something like this:

I was okay, and not okay.  I changed diapers and folded laundry and wrote…and I flinched every time I saw the date on the calendar, the date that would have been the due date…How do you mark a birthday that isn’t a birthday at all?
(from Shauna Niequist’s book “Bittersweet“)

And I remember.

I see pictures of babies who were born when my baby was supposed to be born.
And I remember.

I talk to someone who has recently had a miscarriage.
And I remember.

I hear another child called by his name and my throat catches.
And I remember.

I will never forget…and yet, I am thankful that I don’t always remember.
That baby, forever known in my heart as my sweet little Elijah, is as much a part of me and who I am as my other children.
But as I get further and further away from the day that changed me,
I find that I think of him less and less.

And sometimes I feel guilty about that.
But mostly…it makes me more grateful for the children I do hold in my arms.

12 Crafts of Christmas {Frugal Finds}

Occasionally I have this problem:  I want to give a good gift, but I’m low on funds.
I want to find something inexpensive, but not cheap-looking.
And so a lot of times I end up making gifts…because I like to craft and because I’m cheap frugal.

There are tons of great, inexpensive craft ideas if you have enough time to search the web.
But, lucky for you, I have a whole list of these types of crafts that I’ve either already done or want to do.
So for this week’s 12 Crafts of Christmas, I’m cheating a litte.
Instead of actually doing a tutorial, I’m listing some of my favorite craft ideas.
(A lot of these links take you to Dollar Store Crafts, one of my new favorite websites!)

Great for her:
Bud vase
Decorative Wooden Tray
Raffia Bowl

Great for him:
Bungee-Cord Memo Board
Mustache Mug
LEGO Keychain
(You could even make a match key rack by screwing a simple LEGO baseplate into the wall.)

Great for kiddos:
No-Sew Felt Playhouse
Placemat Crayon Roll
Dry Erase Activity Book

Great for teens…well, teen girls:
Tank Top Tote
Ruffled T-shirt Scarf
Braided Headband

Great for teachers:
Magnetic Board
Crayon Monograms
Doily Monogram Tote Bag

Great for the Holidays:
Microfiber Mitt Stockings
Salt Dough Ornaments and Stamp Embossed Ornaments
Holiday Embellished Tea Towel (two links)

Want to see more of my crafty creations?

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Still Thanks Giving

When you become a parent, you’ll hear (probably multiple times):
“It’s not about you anymore.  It’s about the baaaaaby.”
I’ve said those words myself.   And there is so much truth in that statement.
(Much more than you can even begin to comprehend when you first hold that sweet, snuggly bundle of joy.)

You no longer get to sleep until you wake up.
Your eating schedule is based on someone else’s hunger instead of your own.
You plan your day around naps(but not your own).
And you spend more time washing more clothes than you ever imagined possible.
(How do such small creatures create so much more laundry??)

As a parent, no time is your own.
(I can’t even go to the bathroom alone anymore!)

Every moment of every day revolves not around you, but the little one(s).
And while sometimes their enthusiasm and joy of childhood can’t help but invigorate you,
Other times it wears you down…
Reminds you that you aren’t as youthful and enthusiastic as you used to be.

And as a stay-at-home-parent, it sometimes feels even more so.
When you don’t work out in the “real” world, it gets lonely.
It’s isolating.  It leaves you feeling disconnected and detached from “real” life.

When you don’t have a “real” job, you don’t have a “real” boss to tell you that you’re doing a good job.
There’s no one to pat you on the back when things go well.
(But on the other hand, kids are probably much more forgiving when things go wrong.)

But when your job is to hug and snuggle and color and kiss,
It’s easy to get buried under all the hugging and snuggling and coloring and kisses.
Somehow after doing all the fun stuff and chores and necessities of life, it’s easy to loose you.

And sometimes I just want to be selfish.
Sometimes I just want to do what I want to do.
And sometimes I just want to shout:  Me!  Me!  Look at me!!

Sometimes I want to hear that people notice when I do something non-child related.
It makes me smile when someone compliments my writing or my photography.
I love to hear people oohing and ahhing over my crafts.
I really appreciate it when someone notices something that I’ve done.

And if that makes me selfish, then so be it.

But it also makes me aware that I need to applaud other parents for the great things they do.
It’s my job as a friend to encourage others.
It’s my responsibility to pat the back of those who might otherwise do things that go unnoticed.

So who can I encourage today?
Who do I know that needs a little note in their email inbox(or even their snail mail box)?
Who do I know that needs a smile or a hug or a little pick-me-up?

I’ll start by thanking each of you…yes, you!
In the past few weeks I’ve gotten 4 emails saying nice things about my blog, my pictures.
And I’ll be honest:  I printed those out and tucked them away in the “love box” that I have stashed away for rainy days.
We all need a high five every now and then.

And what about you??

Who inspires you to be a better person?
Have you told them that?

Who is always there for others, willing to help anytime (s)he’s asked?
Have you ever thanked them for being so giving?  So loving?

Even though Thanksgiving is over, won’t you help me continue the theme of thankfulness?

Thankful Fun

Waaaaaaay back in 2007, I posted about Turkey Art that the kids and I made.

An old friend of mine recently read through my entire archives,
And she reminded me of things that even I’d forgotten that I’d written!

When I saw this picture on her facebook page, it looked familiar.

I love that Christy and her family wrote different things they were thankful for on the feathers.
(And their turkey face is much more appealing than ours!)

I decided that it’d be a fun thing to do again,
since I’m sure the kids don’t remember doing it!
(Lydia was only 15 months old when we made the first one! )

I already have the bamboo skewers and paper!
Now if I can just find a pumpkin…

12 Crafts of Christmas {Chalkboard Paint}

I painted a chalkboard racetrack as a chair-rail in one bedroom.

I painted a plain old chalkboard on the wall of the art loft.

For a gift one time, I painted flower pots and labeled them with names of different herbs.
And I even started growing those herbs from seeds.
(In case you don’t know me well, that’s a BIG deal.  A green thumb have not I.)

So when I was thinking of my favorite crafts, I thought of a few things that I could do with chalkboard paint.
I still have a fairly large can of it left over from the times I’ve painted the wall,
but I know that you can buy it in small 2oz. bottles and as spray paint as well.

Also, you can go the plain old chalk route if you want, but also available are chalk pens
that are less messy and less likely to smudge and smear.



My first (and maybe my favorite) of the chalkboard crafts: party glasses!
(Inspired by these items found at Pier 1.)

With a little chalkboard paint you can:
a) go green by not using disposable cups
b) always know which cup is yours!

And it is E-A-S-Y!

(It would probably be easier to use the spray chalkboard paint for this project,
but I only had the regular can of paint on hand.)

Use painter’s tape to mark off a rectangle on the glass.
Use a small piece of coarse sandpaper to roughen up the part you are going to paint.
Paint it with chalkboard paint and let it dry.

Repeat.  Repeat again.  Repeat again and again until it’s dark enough.
**Don’t try to do one or two thick coats; it will peel right off
Make sure you do several light coats and let each coat dry thoroughly before adding another.**

Carefully remove the tape.

Now is the optional step:  I decided to bake my glass pieces at 350º for about 10 minutes.
I can’t prove that it makes it set, but it surely does seem like it helps.
Just don’t over-cook them because the glass can break if it gets too hot!

Now just don’t forget to keep pieces of chalk on hand for parties!

I’ve also found that my kids love using these glasses.
Some days, I’ll write  a little note to them:

Happy Birthday!
I love you!

Or a little reminder:

Have a great GREEN day!  (which is our code for reminding Carter to behave at school)
P.E. Today!  Wear sneakers!

Other times they just like having their name on their cup!



I found a simple frame I had in my junk pile.
At some point I’d put corkboard on it and used it with thumbtacks.
So I took that out and painted the back surface to make a new chalkboard.
Lately we’ve started memorizing a weekly bible verse as a family
and I wanted somewhere to put it so that it would be easily changed each week.

If I didn’t already have a place to put my weekly menu, I’d probably make another one for that, too!


Trying to use what I already had at home, I also decided it would be fun to do a candle.
I had a store-bought pumpkin candle and decided that for Thanksgiving I wanted it to say “Give Thanks”.
So I used painters tape to make straight lines all the way around the candle holder and painted a thick chalkboard line.
Then I took some cheap twine and wrapped it around the top of the candle holder
And finished it off by adding a few leaves and sticks for fun!
(You’ll want to make sure that none of those things can get close to the flame!!)

I know this one is kind of Thanksgiving-ish instead of Christmas-y,
but you can go here and find more really great Christmas candle ideas.


And, finally, I don’t know if your children are as in love with their teachers as mine are…
But I never stop hearing about how great Mrs. S, Mrs. F, Mrs. H and Mrs. R are!
My kids are constantly making little creations and cards and “love notes” for them.

And since we’re going to be home for 9 days straight this Thanksgiving break,
I imagine I’m going to be collecting a lot of these straight-from-the-heart pieces of art.

I took small tin cans that I had left over from last Christmas and painted the entire surface with chalkboard paint.
(I did like the striped trim on this one, so I left that unpainted.)

**You could also use a recipe box or cheap wooden box from any craft store.**

After painting it, I used my hot glue gun to adhere a ribbon around the base of the box.
Then I let the kiddos write on the top and that’s it!  All done!

Wouldn’t it be fun to do one of these for family members?
You could fill it with little pick-me-up notes: things you love about them, short memories that make you smile…
And whenever (s)he has a bad day, just one peek into the love note box will make him/her feel better-even if just a little bit.

Don’t forget that with the chalkboard top, you can even change the “note” on top to fit any occasion!


Chalkboard paint ideas are all over the internet, but here are a few things that I really loved:

Inside cabinet doors

Days Until … sign

Fireplace fix

Front door sign

Decorative doors

Labelled jars

Silhouette mug


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10 and some

On Monday, I will have reached the 29 week mark of this pregnancy.

According to “the experts” (aka Dr. Google), by now my baby should be about 2.5 pounds
and the size of a butternut squash.
She and I will both experience rapid weight gain.  (Oh yay…)
As she gets too big to move easily, I’ll feel more jabs from little knees and elbows.
And-oh yeah-breathing will become more difficult as she takes up more room and my lungs have less room.(Double yay…)
Varicose veins, constipation and heartburn are to be expected.  (Triple yay…)

With my first I read those things religiously.
With the second, I occasionally dropped by my favorite pregnancy websites.
Then there was the miscarriage-when I felt a little guilty for not reading those weekly tidbits.
Knowing that it wouldn’t have made a difference, but logic abandoning me and thinking
“If I’d read, I would have known not to ___.”
With my third, I was too scared to look ahead, worried that I might not make it to whatever milestone came next.
With this baby, I haven’t (until writing this post) visited the first “what to expect” website.

I don’t have to read it because I know it.
I know the drill…
And yet I’m still surprised when walking a flight of stairs leaves me winded,
Or when I go to put on my socks and realize that I can’t reach my feet,
Or I pick up Asa, only to realize that it wasn’t such a bright idea.

I know the drill…
And yet I’m still amazed when I feel the kicks and bumps and knocks from within.
There are still moments when I lie in bed, watching the remote dance on my belly.
Still, just like I did with the other pregnancies, I close my eyes and I dream of this little person tucked away,
hidden from us all.

And I realize that I technically have 11 more weeks-
Which sounds like a lifetime and an eye’s blink all at the same time.

And I see people who announced their pregnancy only weeks before I found out about mine…
And they are having their babies, or reaching the weekly appointments stage, or on bedrest for the duration.

And that?  Makes my heart speed up a bit.
It scares me a little.

Not like the first time, when I worried that I wouldn’t know what to do.
Or the second time, when I worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle two very young children.
Or the third time, when I worried that I would go into labor on Christmas Day and miss all the festivities at home.

This time…I worry about this being the end.
Of knowing that this is it.  The end.  No more babies.
Of knowing that no matter how much I try to savor it and soak it all in, that I’ll forget.
Of knowing that no matter how careful I am to document and remember, some memories won’t stand the test of time.
(Kind of like my grandmother’s voice.  I try to hear it.  I know it’s there somewhere, but I can’t hear it anymore.)

So I have 10-ish weeks.
And they’ll fly by, as time is wont to do.

I can’t wait to hold her in my arms, to smell her, to see her face.
But this time (for the first time) it’s the journey, not the end that fascinates me.

Maybe this time I’ll actually make it to 40 weeks.
(Although I may be the only pregnant woman wishing for that…
And only time will tell if I’ll still be singing that same tune come February.)

I’m taking the scenic route this go ’round, and I couldn’t be happier.
Here’s to 11 more weeks!

Classic and Classy {Music Album Review}

When Norah Jones’ first album debuted in 2002, I fell in love with her velvety smooth voice.  I popped it in the CD player on a shopping trip with my grandmother and she could not get enough of it.  For her birthday that year, I gave her a copy of “Come Away With Me“.   And I remember her telling me how much she loved the “old, classic sound” and “long-lost quality that you just don’t hear these days”.  Sure, this also came from the woman who had every Mannheim Steamroller CD tape available at the time, but she was right:  Norah’s sound is both classic and classy.

But being classic and classy doesn’t mean her sound has ever gotten stale.  With each of Norah’s successive albums, I couldn’t wait to hear how her sound had changed, matured.  And each time I was never disappointed.
This new album, “…Featuring” is no exception.

I was amazed at the diversity that one album could have.  By the time you have listened to all 18 (Yes, I said 18!) tracks, you feel like you’ve gone on a musical journey from Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe to NYC’s famous Blue Note Jazz Club and back, with a little detour here and there just for fun.  The collaborative efforts that went into the making of this album make it a winning combo for a huge variety of people.  One moment you are listening to the likes of Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton and then you’re chillin’ with the talented Herbie Hancock.  And I even surprised myself when I realized that I actually liked the head-bob inducing sounds of Q-tip and Talib Kweli, artists that I probably never would have been exposed to if it weren’t for this album.  I had also never heard of Sasha Dobson, but I hope to be hearing more of her in the future!  Another one of those classy classic singers who has an ear for harmony(which will win me over every.single.time.)

Considering how many great artists were highlighted on this album, it’ll be hard for anyone to not recognize any of these names:

1. Love Me – The Little Willies
2. Virginia Moon – Foo Fighters featuring Norah Jones
3. Turn Them – Sean Bones featuring Norah Jones
4. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Willie Nelson featuring Norah Jones
5. Bull Rider – Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson
6. Ruler of My Heart – Dirty Dozen Brass Band featuring Norah Jones and Robert Randolph
7. The Best Part – El Madmo
8. Take Off Your Cool – Outkast featuring Norah Jones
9. Life is Better – Q-Tip featuring Norah Jones
10. Soon the New Day – Talib Kweli featuring Norah Jones
11. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John – Belle & Sebastian featuring Norah Jones
12. Here We Go Again – Ray Charles featuring Norah Jones
13. Loretta – Norah Jones featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
14. Dear John – Ryan Adams featuring Norah Jones
15. Creepin’ In – Norah Jones featuring Dolly Parton
16. Court & Spark – Herbie Hancock featuring Norah Jones
17. More Than This – Charlie Hunter featuring Norah Jones
18. Blue Bayou – Norah Jones featuring M. Ward

You can find more about Norah and her new album on her website, on facebook or on youtube.
“…Featuring Norah Jones” is available for purchase on

While working with the One2One Network, I received complimentary preview copy of “…Featuring“, which is a fantastic album that will stay in my musical rotation for years to come(just like all of Norah’s previous albums).  All opinions in this post are all mine-100% true and unbiased.

12 Crafts of Christmas {Jewelry}

Today is a 3-for-1 special!  And I am so excited about it.
Today is also the day that I’m debuting my wicked awesome vlogging skillz. (heh.)

First up is my favorite: Ribbon & Pearl Necklace & Bracelet

Black grosgrain ribbon

Pink Double Ruffle Gingham Ribbon

I’d seen a ribbon and pearl bracelet in an local up-scale boutique, but kind of choked when I saw the price tag.

And so I sat down and did what I always do: scoured google for directions.
I tried several different tutorials before settling on what I think was the easiest and most descriptive.
(If you have a few moments, you should really check out her tutorial archives.  Great stuff!
She also has an etsy store with some fabulous vintages finds!)

These necklaces may look super-fancy, but you only need five things: pearl beads, ribbon, needle & thread and scissors.
Having a measuring tape or ruler helps, but isn’t completely necessary.
I’m willing to bet that most of you have at least 3 of those things in your house right now.

Even though Transient Expression had a great tutorial, I decided to do a play-by-play video.
I always learn faster when I see and hear rather than when I’m just reading.

(Side note:  I obviously didn’t learn much in high school math.  Ignore the sine/co-sine rambling
and really ignore me when I say to cut it at a right angle.  Do not cut it at a right angle.  Just cut it diagonally.)


The second jewelry craft: Felted Wool Ball Necklaces

Handmade Wool Balls & Shiny Ribbon

I love the big, chunky jewelry look and the textures you get with this!

First you’ll need to make your felted wool balls, which takes a little time, but it’s fun and easy to do.
(This would be a great fun thing for pre-teen girls to do!  You could even make a whole party out of it!)

For this project you will need:  warm/hot water, dish soap, and felting wool(or wool roving)

You’ll have to watch the first video to learn how to make the wool balls.
The second video gives details on how to make the necklace with the wool balls you made.

For the necklace, you’ll need: the wool balls you made, embroidery thread, a large bore needle,
crimp beads, needle nose pliers, ribbon and scissors

And finally: Decorative Button Clip-On Earrings

This one doesn’t have a video to go with it.  Sorry.  I’m lame.
(I’m actually probably more lame for making the videos than for not having one for this.)
(But let’s pretend that you loved the vlogging, ok?)

My Nana doesn’t have pierced ears, but loves earrings.
Do you know how hard it is to find small, delicate clip-on earrings???

So a while back when I was searching for fun crafts to make with my kids,
I came across a blog that made rings out of buttons.
(Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the link to that.)
And when I started coming up with my Christmas gift list,
I thought “I could make earrings like those rings I saw!”

All you need is a package of clip-on earring bases like these(I used silver), 2 decorative buttons, wire cutters and glue.
(I used Simple Fix-It, which is my new favorite go-to glue,
but you could probably use any adhesive like Gorilla Glue or even hot glue.)

Turn the buttons over and, using the wire cutters, clip off the little piece that you’d normally use to sew it on.
Make sure that the back is fairly flat.  You may need to file it down juuuuust a little.
You can use sand paper or a nail file to do that.

Next you’ll use your glue to attach the button to the flat surface of the clip.

And you’ll want to hold pressure for a little while until the two are firmly attached.

The glue should be completely dry and immovable after a few hours.
(I waited overnight before touching them.)
And you end up with this:

Want to see more of my crafty creations?

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Week Eight: Chalkboard Paint Ideas: Glasses, Chalkboard, Candle, Love Box
Week Nine: Frugal Finds
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Week Eleven: Edible Edition

None of the links listed above are affiliate links.  I don’t make a dime off of any of it.
I simply linked to each of the products that I used when making my crafts.

The Big Yellow Box

My 4 and 5 year olds are in love with the bus.
They frequently beg to ride the bus.

But I have a confession:  I am scared to death of them.

I know the lady in charge of transportation in our county.
I know which bus driver my kids would have.
And I only live about 2 miles from each of their schools.
It’s not like they’d be on the bus for long or ride very far at all.

I should be ok with this, right?

But I have another confession:  Picking them up every day is starting to wear me down.

Nine times out of ten I have to wake up Asa to go do pick ups.
And when I go to get Lydia, there isn’t a pick-up line
(At least not one that I am eligible to use)
And I have to get him out and take him in to get her.

After just being woken up, he’s usually not in the best of moods
And carrying him is like carrying a sack of potatoes-
That squirm.

So what’s holding me back?
Why do I not want them to ride the bus?

I don’t know.

I never rode the bus growing up
But a lot of kids ride the bus.

My fear?
It’s irrational.
And I know it.

If they ride the bus, I won’t see Lydia’s teacher every day.
Sure, she can write a note and put it in her folder…
But I won’t be getting those little updates that she tells me,
The ones that I’d otherwise not know because Lydia surely doesn’t mention any of it.

And when I’m waiting in car-rider line, I love watching Carter from a distance;
He doesn’t even know I’m watching.
And he looks so big and so little all at once…
And I…I…well, everyday… I love that moment.

If they ride the bus, we can still talk about our “3 favorite things”
(which is our routine and my tactic to get them to tell me about their day).
It’ll just be as we come into the house.

If they ride the bus, they will actually get home earlier than we do now.
(And I won’t be forced to get dressed every day if I don’t want to.)
(Wait.  That’s probably not a good thing, is it?)

If they ride the bus, they will be happy.
Asa will be happy(or at least well-rested).
And I?
I’ll probably love it.
(Especially once the new baby gets here!)

And what’s to lose, right?
If I (or they) miss car-rider line too much, they can always go back to being pick-ups.

So what about you?
Do your kids ride the bus?
Why or why not?

12 Crafts of Christmas{Fleece Tie-Knot Blanket}

This is possibly the easiest homemade gift ever!

I have made several of them for baby gifts, birthday gifts and holiday gifts,
but my brother (who works at a monogram store) says that they are super-popular with the sorority girls.

There are a lot of ways you can do a fleece tie-knot blanket.
You can use a single piece of fabric and tie just the top and the bottom.
You can use a single piece of fabric and knot all sides.
You can use a collection of fleece squares to make a super knot blanket
(similar to this one-which we bought, but hated the cheap-o fabric).
You can even add a back to that, if you want.
Or you can use 2 pieces of high-quality fleece like I’ll be showing here.

Fleece is almost always on sale these days, and I actually found nice, thick fleece at Hancock’s for $4/yard!

The blanket that you see here is a 36″x58″ blanket, which is the size I typically do for toddlers.
For babies, I usually do anywhere from 36″x36″ to 40″x40″ because I like them to be square.
But you can really do any size you want.
(I like to buy more fabric than I need, so I usually buy 2 yards.)

So what do you need and how to do you make it?
All you need is 2 yards each of 2 coordinating fabrics and a pair of scissors!

STEP ONE:  Lay out your fabric and measure how big you’d like it to be.
For a typical baby blanket, I do either 36″x36″ or 40″x40″.
Because I am making this for a “big sister” I wanted it a little bigger than the blankets the babies would get.
(And with some extra length, the new mom can snuggle with her “big girl”.)
The length here is about 58″ and I measured the height up to about 36″.

(For an average throw-size blanket, what I usually do is lay out my fabric and cut off the selveges.
In order to make it as big as possible, I fold it over triangularly so that I can cut out a perfect 58″ish square and go from there.)

STEP TWO:  Trim off the selvage(like the white part shown here) on two edges of the fabric.

STEP THREE: Put the wrong sides together.  so that when you tie it together the “good” sides are out.
(Here you can see that the “wrong” side is on the left.  The “right” side is what you see on the right.)

STEP FOUR: Because I’m lazy and don’t want to re-measure,
I used the first piece of fabric I cut as a template to cut out the second piece.

STEP FIVE: Cut out a 2″ square from each corner.

STEP SIX: Going from one end to the other, cut through both pieces of fabric about 2″ high in 1″ intervals.

STEP SEVEN: Now tie ’em up.
Just knot one purple with one pink
and then the next purple with the next pink
and the next purple with the next pink
and so on and so on and so on.

The end:

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