Classic and Classy {Music Album Review}

When Norah Jones’ first album debuted in 2002, I fell in love with her velvety smooth voice.  I popped it in the CD player on a shopping trip with my grandmother and she could not get enough of it.  For her birthday that year, I gave her a copy of “Come Away With Me“.   And I remember her telling me how much she loved the “old, classic sound” and “long-lost quality that you just don’t hear these days”.  Sure, this also came from the woman who had every Mannheim Steamroller CD tape available at the time, but she was right:  Norah’s sound is both classic and classy.

But being classic and classy doesn’t mean her sound has ever gotten stale.  With each of Norah’s successive albums, I couldn’t wait to hear how her sound had changed, matured.  And each time I was never disappointed.
This new album, “…Featuring” is no exception.

I was amazed at the diversity that one album could have.  By the time you have listened to all 18 (Yes, I said 18!) tracks, you feel like you’ve gone on a musical journey from Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe to NYC’s famous Blue Note Jazz Club and back, with a little detour here and there just for fun.  The collaborative efforts that went into the making of this album make it a winning combo for a huge variety of people.  One moment you are listening to the likes of Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton and then you’re chillin’ with the talented Herbie Hancock.  And I even surprised myself when I realized that I actually liked the head-bob inducing sounds of Q-tip and Talib Kweli, artists that I probably never would have been exposed to if it weren’t for this album.  I had also never heard of Sasha Dobson, but I hope to be hearing more of her in the future!  Another one of those classy classic singers who has an ear for harmony(which will win me over every.single.time.)

Considering how many great artists were highlighted on this album, it’ll be hard for anyone to not recognize any of these names:

1. Love Me – The Little Willies
2. Virginia Moon – Foo Fighters featuring Norah Jones
3. Turn Them – Sean Bones featuring Norah Jones
4. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Willie Nelson featuring Norah Jones
5. Bull Rider – Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson
6. Ruler of My Heart – Dirty Dozen Brass Band featuring Norah Jones and Robert Randolph
7. The Best Part – El Madmo
8. Take Off Your Cool – Outkast featuring Norah Jones
9. Life is Better – Q-Tip featuring Norah Jones
10. Soon the New Day – Talib Kweli featuring Norah Jones
11. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John – Belle & Sebastian featuring Norah Jones
12. Here We Go Again – Ray Charles featuring Norah Jones
13. Loretta – Norah Jones featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
14. Dear John – Ryan Adams featuring Norah Jones
15. Creepin’ In – Norah Jones featuring Dolly Parton
16. Court & Spark – Herbie Hancock featuring Norah Jones
17. More Than This – Charlie Hunter featuring Norah Jones
18. Blue Bayou – Norah Jones featuring M. Ward

You can find more about Norah and her new album on her website, on facebook or on youtube.
“…Featuring Norah Jones” is available for purchase on

While working with the One2One Network, I received complimentary preview copy of “…Featuring“, which is a fantastic album that will stay in my musical rotation for years to come(just like all of Norah’s previous albums).  All opinions in this post are all mine-100% true and unbiased.

4 Responses to Classic and Classy {Music Album Review}
  1. Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith
    November 17, 2010 | 8:09 pm

    I love Nora Jones!

  2. linney
    November 17, 2010 | 10:32 pm

    i am enjoying the album too. very cool review!!

  3. Doll Clothes Gal Pal
    November 18, 2010 | 6:23 am

    Nora Jones is the best! 🙂

  4. lisa @thebeadgirl
    November 18, 2010 | 5:37 pm

    love love love Norah! thanks for reviewing the new album!