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It’s definitely gonna happen…

Today I am 34 and a half weeks pregnant.
I’ve never made it past 38.
I just did that math today.
And I totally had a “Holy shit, this is really happening” freak-out moment.

I went and picked up a gently used and quite lovely infant carrier from a friend.
I pulled out all the blankets and itty bitty baby clothes and got them washed.
I assembled a new bookshelf for Asa’s room, anchored it to the wall, and sorted his toys.
I found homes for all of Carter and Lydia’s Christmas loot.
I bought and hung wall sconces that I’ve been wanting since I moved here over 2 years ago.
I played with my new Silhouette machine and was very happy with the results.
I finally made plans to have maternity photos taken by a lovely friend.
I ordered a diaper bag and the stuff I needed to make the “Big Brother/Sister” shirts I’ve been dreaming up.

Obviously I’m all nest-y.
And I’ve had  huge energy burst.

Thank goodness because there is still much left to be done!

I haven’t made out a list of who needs to be called, emailed, texted, etc.
I haven’t figured out an exact plan for the big kids on the big day.
I haven’t downloaded, edited or uploaded my Christmas pictures anywhere.
I haven’t um…made Asa’s baby book like I promised myself I would do before the new baby got here.
(And that’s probably one goal I won’t reach.  My bad.)
I haven’t packed a bag or even thought about what to take the hospital.
I haven’t found the video camera (although I think I know where it’s hiding).
I still haven’t done Christmas New Year’s cards.
I haven’t put away any Christmas decorations except the trees.
I haven’t pre-made any meals for after the baby is born.
I haven’t folded, sorted, or put away any of those itty bitty baby clothes.
I haven’t bought teeny tiny diapers.
I haven’t…

Geez!  I’m making myself tired just thinking about all the stuff there is left to do.
Let’s just hope I don’t land myself on bedrest for at least the next few weeks…