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A Little Awesome on a Monday

I have been known, on occasion, to be a glass half empty kind of girl.
At any given point of my day, I can probably tell you 10 things that either went wrong or I didn’t like.
And really?  That’s just not full of awesome.

But a few weeks ago, I saw an idea on another blog that I just loved.
She made handy-dandy little notepads where you could write down the best part of your day.
As with most of my great intentions, however, I thought about doing it and then got distracted by something else.
But it did inspire me to purposefully look out for the good things.
We are so blessed and really do have an overwhelming amount of awesome in our lives.

  • I had to buy a new sewing machine because mine broke mid-project but it was cheaper in the store than it was online.
  • Asa had a blowout diaper but we were at home & he didn’t take off his diaper like he’s been doing recently.
  • I just found out that Captain John Derst’s(my favorite kind of bread) makes wheat bread!
  • Alden is the first “paci baby” I’ve had and I love that because a) it’s cute and b) it surely keeps her quiet!

  • I took Anna Alden to her 1 month check up today and happened to run into a friend and her baby
    (who was recently discharged from the NICU).
  • My Vintage Pearl order shipped today!
  • I came home to find a huge box of Nutella on my front porch!  (More about this later!)

  • I have had two people today ask me about doing photography for them.
  • I have 5 other people who have contacted me recently wanting me to do photo shoots for them.
  • I think that those 7 people may have given me the push to get my act together.
  • Asa did not take a nap today but he stayed in his room and played quietly.
    (And I’m hoping this means he’ll go to bed early-ish tonight.)
  • I got another package in the mail with a gift from a cute little etsy shop.
  • Marshall has a great new opportunity at work.
  • I am sitting here holding a sleeping baby and listening to the wind blow my wind chimes.