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The Real Me

The words that I write and the sentiments I share here are not unique to just me.
They aren’t things that haven’t be thought or said before.
It’s not something you couldn’t find on a hundred other blogs.

But it’s real.
It’s personal.
And it’s who I am.

I’ve come a long way since those first posts five years ago.
Somewhere along the line I stopped chronicling every detail of our days
And started capturing the spirit of the moments.
I went from telling stories about my kids
To sharing my thoughts, my feelings, my heart.

I write not for you,
But for me.
(And for them.)
(Because I hope one day they will want to know.)

And yet?
Hidden behind all this authenticity is more.
There is more to me than the words you see here.
There is more to me than the pictures show.
(There is more to me than I am even aware of.)

This post is a part of Aiming Low’s Capture It prompt: The Real Me.