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Mouthwatering Monday: Bridget’s Best Lemonade

I love winter.
I love wearing sweaters.
And fires.
And drinking hot cocoa.
And mmmm…spiced cider.
I love everything about winter.
(Of course I live in the South where snow isn’t a problem! 🙂 )

I hate summer.
I hate that you can never get cool.
I hate sweating when I walk to the mailbox.
I hate feeling yucky and sticky and sweaty.

BUT summer does bring two of my favorite things:  Lemonade and Lemonade Cake
(Seriously?  You haven’t lived until you’ve had Lemonade Cake.)

The kids and I love to make our own lemonade.
It’s super easy and oh-so-delicious!

1 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice (that’s roughly 6ish lemons)
1 cup sugar or Splenda
6 cups ice water
Coarse sea salt optional, but preferred!

It’s as simple as mixing up the lemon juice, sweet stuff and water.
Salt the rim of your cup. (That cuts the bitter taste and makes it juuuust right.)
Pour and enjoy…with lemonade cake.