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On failure.

Yesterday I told you about my latest parenting mistake.
Yes, latest.  There are lots of them.

But there are certain things that I really, really want to get right with the kids:
I want to let each of them be totally themselves and not squash each unique personality.
I want them to feel loved for who they are and not what they do(whether good or bad).
I want to show them what it means to really love and to really live.
I want to teach them to be loving, kind and respectful.
I want them to be strong and independent, but not too proud to ask for help.

I want them to know that while you should always try your very best, sometimes you won’t.
(And that sometimes I did my very best and that sometimes I didn’t.)
And that it’s okay.
Mistakes happen.
Bad choices are made.
Failure is always an option.
(It’s just usually not the best option.)
But the failure itself isn’t the big deal…
It’s what you do with the failure that’s important.

I want them to see me make mistakes
And (hopefully) deal gracefully with the consequences.
I want them to see me slip up and then see me apologize.
I want them to see me when I’m at my worst and love me anyway.

There are times when I will fail at this parenting thing.
But I want them to know that I will never fail to love them.