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Sentences on Sunday

A few days ago Carter said, “It’s June 1st? ¬†What happened to May?”
My sentiments exactly, young fella.

Summer is kicking my tail.
But it’s good.

We’ve spent time oohing-and-aaahing at this sweet thing and making her laugh and sigh contentedly.

We’ve read book after book after book.

We have taken swim lessons and practiced what we learned.

We have visited with lots of ‘old’ friends and celebrated new life to come and new weddings to plan!
(Two totally separate celebrations for two totally separate couples!)

We have gone to parties and had parties of our own.

And Marshall and I went on a whirlwind trip to NYC where I kept him up ridiculously late every night.
How can you not stay up late in a place like this?

(More of those pictures coming soon-ish.)

So yes, summer is good.
It is, in fact, quite fabulous.
(But I am still very, very tired.)