Daily Archives: 2:05 am

Brain Storms

the world swirls around me
by the time night falls,
morning seems days away

bodies trapped inside my house by the stifling heat
thoughts trapped inside my mind by the tornado of activities,
never getting the chance to sit down and write

and when I am afforded the time,
i find that the words aren’t freely flowing-
turned over in my mind so frequently
that they’ve turned to mush.

things i want to say,
but aren’t acceptable in this space

things i’ve written,
but can’t share

things i’ve begun to wrap my heart and mind around,
but it’s not my story to tell.

(in all honesty…
i am afraid to think about it too much
for it makes me worry about my own future.)

and all i know to do is pray.
and so i pray –
so repetitive that it nearly becomes a chant,
the words splash and slosh together
and becomes something new, something wild,
something uncontrollable
and i am befuddled by my very own thoughts

and right here, right now…
that’s okay.
thanks be to god,
it’s okay.