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Some Days

Sometimes my days actually are filled with (painted) rainbows and (plush) unicorns.
Sometimes my days really do seem to sparkle and shine.
And sometimes, on days like those, I feel like I’m not so bad at this stay-at-home-mom gig.

But then there are other days.  (Like today.)
The days when I telepathically tell defenseless kitties they should stay away lest I kick them for no reason.
The days when I think I may lose it if I am molested by even a single drop of bodily fluid that is not my own.
The days when I want to put them all somewhere safe and drive away.
(Not forever, of course.  A couple of hours would work.  A couple of days would be even better.)

I think it’s fairly obvious that I enjoy being a mother.
I enjoy doing things with my kids.
I really enjoy being with them.
I have as much fun as they do with the singing and playing and rocking and cuddling.

But sometimes the screaming and the crying and the touching.
Oh, heavens!  The Touching.
Sometimes I just want to sit alone and not hold anyone.
Or send a quick email with no one in my lap.

I know that there are lots of moms who have day jobs and wish they could be at home.
(And I know that if I worked a full-time day job, I’d be one of them.)
But I also know that being the primary caregiver
is exhausting
and frustrating
and overwhelming.

I guess what I’m saying is this:
I love my life.
I love my children.
I love my job.
And most days I like my life, my children and my job.
But some days I don’t.
And on those days, just getting to bedtime is a struggle for me.

But ever the optimist, I always expect tomorrow to be better.
(And usually it is.)


This morning I found out that I was one of 3 people chosen to attend the Becoming Conference in NC.  (This could not have been more well timed.)  Many thanks to the One2One Network for their sponsorship.(I love working with them!)