Grace in Small Things

I won’t lie; this week has been tough.
My days have been long and my fuse has been short.
Anna Alden is working hard on cutting some teeth.
Overall, she’s still a very┬ápleasant┬ábaby…
But she’s cried more in the past week than in the past two months.
Summer is wearing on me.
I love the lazy days of summer,
But sometimes they are hard to fill.
Especially when it’s so dang hot!

But…through it all, I am constantly still amazed at all the small things that make me smile:


One Response to Grace in Small Things
  1. Rachael Mercer
    July 31, 2011 | 8:50 am

    Just keep going :). One foot in front of the other! One day at a time. You are a fantastic mom and I’m always impressed with your creativity and photography!!!

    He will give you strength!!
    Love you!