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More Than I Imagined

I thought I was ready for school to start.
I have been frustrated with the kids.
They have been frustrated with me.
We have spent way too much time inside.
(But it’s just so dang hot!)

But as I watched the “Back to School” pictures post on Facebook,
I found myself thinking, “I’m glad that’s not us today.”

I wasn’t expecting to wish for more summer.
The days are long and exhausting.
I am frequently tired and overwhelmed.
(Even more so than usual.)

But we’ve had so much fun,
Made so many great memories.

Snuggled this little cutie.

Visited the wildlife rescue center.

Celebrated Gaga’s life

Did a lot of swimmin’!

Washed the car (and each other).

Celebrated our country.

Rode the waves.

Had lots of bedtime giggles at the beach.

Hit the lanes.

Played scientist.

Gave big googly eyes while painting.

And so much more…

So…so long, summer.
You were more than I imagined you would be.

(Also?  I am not excited about having to set an alarm clock for the first time in months.  Ugh.)